Incredibly beautiful dance of the bride and groom, video of a smile

The best toasts for the wedding
On this significant day of your life, dear newlyweds, I will not tell you about the unity of kindred souls. The only thing I want to do is give you advice. If you want that over the years you do not feel happier less than at this moment, always try to take the place of the second half, and try to understand what everyone wants. Listen to each other, and live together forever!
Beautiful toasts for a wedding
Dear newlyweds, I wish you swan loyalty and wolf devotion. Be inseparable, like birds “inseparable”, and let the union created by you today will be strong for the rest of your life. Love each other and cherish your love, cherishing it and putting it above all else. Happy wedding to you!
Beautiful toasts for a wedding
With the wedding, we congratulate you,
We wish peace and love.
Your long journey let them light up
Have fun and heat the lights.

Let the children’s laughter ring in the apartment,
Let the full cup be a house,
Well, love, warmth and happiness
Settled forever in it.
Pleasant viewing of this amazing video, where the newlyweds dance beautifully. Write your feedback and comments after watching this video for a good mood

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  1. For those who like the more boisterous celebrations, a great alternative cafe and the restaurant becomes a nightclub, where nobody will be surprised and won’t bother the cheerful company of girls with facincani on the head.

  2. 3. to identify and provide the theme (style) of the party;

  3. 4. to consider the program/ script (entertainment, refreshments, contests, etc.);

  4. A celebration of Bridal shower a separate paragraph because of its very popularity among many brides. To ride on such a machine for several hours – not cheap, but for a special occasion – worth it. The features of this vehicle allow it to be used not only as a means of transport but also as a direct place of celebration: here you can drink, eat, have fun, take photos along the way to visit city landmarks or memorable places of your single life. But usually a couple hour ride in a limousine bachelorette party ends. Then the girls go to have fun in other places, for example in the same club.

  5. Though wedding for each girl is one of the most desired and long-awaited event in life, none of them misses an opportunity with a big Bang to say goodbye to the lonely bachelor life. But despite all the desire to organise a special hen party, most importantly it is not how and where it will be, but it is important – with whom.

  6. Depending on the location and which girls to choose for their celebrations, hen parties can be very diverse. But they all share a pleasant budget option not to pay the rent on the space if you eliminate the use of private property. For example, you can spend a bachelorette party in a forest clearing, arranging the easiest picnic with friends, or beat all the festivities of the forest of maidens in long white linen shirts, weaving wreaths and singing folk songs – very unusual and calming. On a river, lake or sea, you can arrange a bachelorette party-beach party. It also might look like an ordinary holiday by the water with friends and beach games, or girls can transform into mermaids and have an unusual photo shoot.

  7. Organization of the bachelorette party on the nature allows to use also other places, such as parks, garden plots or grandmother’s garden. At first glance it seems that the bachelorette party on the nature intended to conduct only in the warm time of year, but it is not so.

  8. How to organize a bachelorette party before the wedding: idea

  9. For example, in winter girls can go to the skating rink under the open sky or in snowy hill, and there to spend an active holiday with winter sports. For more festive atmosphere will create humorous costumes or outfits Snegureac, snowflakes.

  10. This is another version of holding a pre-wedding girls ‘ night out with the greatest possible financial savings. Besides, at home you can implement almost any idea for a bachelorette party: a slumber party, beauty evening in retro-style to disco or rock party. It is enough just to acquire the necessary attributes, acquire/ create appropriate attire and thematically decorate their own homes. As entertainment at home bachelorette party of any subject will fit all available Board games and puzzles, and you can also look through old albums, or watch a romantic Comedy. Treats girls can cook by yourself or jointly, or to order meals from the restaurant.

  11. As the organization of any festive event, a bachelorette party should be prepared according to a certain plan (or scheme):

  12. 1. decide who needs to arrange a bachelorette party (the bride, the witness or all the bridesmaids);

  13. Those girls who have little time to solve many of the nuances associated with how to organize a bachelorette party before the wedding, can greatly simplify the task, and order for a party, cafe or restaurant. All you need is to select an institution, to order all the necessary (food, music, entertainment) and in time come to the party. If you are planning a themed bachelorette party, it is very important to choose the right room, so its interior is consistent with the desired styles. Or you can go back and determine the theme-maiden of the evening to match the characteristics of previously selected institutions. Enough to have fun and not be afraid to disturb other visitors of the cafe, is it better to book a separate room, or be satisfied with the calm, friendly conversation, warm memories and a relaxing evening in the company of close friends.

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