You and I live in such an amazing world, and sometimes it seems to us that nothing can ever hit us. But once again, leaving the house, we are surprised at something new, strange and even unusual. Although, be that as it may, you and I will never be able to see everything that could be seen in our world. But you can strive for this. This selection of photos is for those who want to see as much interesting and incredible as possible.

Incredible and amazing things that you have not seen, 20 photos

1. This is what our Sun will look like if you look at it through lenses with an ultraviolet blocker.

2. Just the foot of an elephant.

3. The egg of the bird kiwi, in comparison with the size of the body.

4. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, it turns out, is completely empty inside.

5. View of the frozen waterfall from the inside.

6. This is the skeleton of the platypus.

7. Very little parrot feather.

8. X-ray of the bird.

9. A clam called Crysomallon squamiferum has metal in its skeleton.

10. Palma had her own plans for where to grow.

11. Trachelophorus giraffa – a rare insect that lives in Madagascar.

12. Birds fly among the smoke, and the flame from which smoke is formed illuminates them.

13. Very strange flower. A bit like Darth Vader.

14. Bubble of lava in the ocean, which was formed after an underwater eruption.

15. View of how potatoes grow.

16. Lightning in the ocean.

17. Antarctic worm.

18. View of a forest fire from space.

19. Octopus with a very funny and unusual color.

20. This Lake in Portugal center has a hole.

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