Incendiary wedding dance with surprises, video moods

Toasts with a wedding
From today you are officially a family. A little later, your relationship will become less romantic, but if you two work on it, then the romance can be extended to the end of life. What I mean? Try each other more often to make pleasant surprises, and then you will be immensely happy throughout your life together. For you, young people!
Toasts with a wedding
 On this wonderful day, I want to wish young people a lot of such bright holidays, filled with mutual love and common happiness. And, separately, I raise the glass for the fact that soon we celebrated the addition in your family.
Toasts with a wedding
With the creation of your family,
May happiness fill all the days,
Let the whole universe be for you,
I wish many long years now!

I also want to live in prosperity,
And that you were happy with the marriage,
To understand each other always,
To love your life lived!
A fun, exciting video of the wedding dance, where there are many surprises. Write your feedback and comments after watching this video for a good mood.

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  1. we generally do not like and do not understand the wedding )))just went ( everyday things ) signed at 9 am in the office on a weekday and went to Komarovka meat on skewers ))) in the evening went to a cafe with his parents and in the morning with friends drove off into the woods rapidly to celebrate !)))) we were too young, I’m 23 my husband actually 21 . both well earned and could afford much , but went against the wishes of our relatives…

  2. all happy families are celebration,a limo and a dress …. we have a sea of friends who already loans (!!!) taking on this mess, and six months later got divorced…

  3. my husband and me happiness in a very strong friendship, a joint razdolbaystvo and stupidity )))

  4. We had a budget wedding, not the least bit sorry and do not regret until now) didn’t do any celebrations, not because there was no money, and because I didn’t want to pull them into the air. Dress bought in H&M, my husband even in sneakers and jeans were) Married, went to walk in Dudutki, and in the evening hang out at the pub with friends. Money that could be spent on a wedding in the conventional notion of spent on a trip to Georgia and repair.

  5. We also have an economy version was. Dress white, but over 7.5 thousand in all, the suit Names picked out, shoes and clutch, however, leather bought. Do not skimp on the services like manicure, makeup and hairstyle. And, of course, the photographer! Painting was appointed to 14 hours 14 to 18 with a photographer, pictures are original, very unusual place for a stroll choose. Felt like a Princess. Never in my life so wasn’t mad, as in the day of the wedding! Spent the night in a hotel. The day brought together the parents, never called. Did everything by the funds. I generally prefer to live within their means. No regrets! On the contrary, was convinced that it was the perfect option after 2 years of living together to make a treat FOR YOURSELF.

  6. And our wedding was an economy option. Dress I was dark and not evening. Flowers were not as in the day of painting was played in a Blizzard, and we decided not to risk it get stuck on the road for the flowers. Celebrated in the family circle and home. Honestly, no regrets. The main fact is not the wedding, and then how to live after it.

  7. We had a gorgeous wedding, and now the crisis, no amount of money spent on a wedding for social status is not affected, look in the passport of the country in which you live, any day and year can wipe out all the plans, live and enjoy life, be happy, God forbid when that will be better and mark 10-25-50 years in a big way, TTT:-)

  8. Girls, and whether there are among you those who were not lavish celebrations in a white dress and veil? And, for example, just signed and sat with the parents? Or just painting limited. I just didn’t have the wedding in the classical sense: the guests, the witnesses, the white dress, the limo, the host, etc. I had the usual cream-coloured dress, not even to the floor, and above the knee, shoes and bouquet. We just together with her husband went on Friday and signed without much celebration.Then pofotkalis, the benefit was smart enough to order the photographer to remain the memory. And on Sunday he is combining his and my parents sat in the restaurant, like noted. Special celebrations and fun was observed. The fact that I married fairly young age(the last student) and could wear a crisp white dress and veil. But at that time husband-to-be was rushed and painted to the wedding my family was not ready. I was embarrassed to demand from mother of the wedding costs, she just started to earn, so did everything in the economy. Of course, now I realize that perhaps it was worth the wait, not to rush to join in family life and save up a bit beforehand to allow yourself this day to make a real holiday(even without the crowd of guests, but at least with the lead, to call friends and in a white dress). Because, as it turned out later, in our lives, holidays are not particularly observed. Business, care. Even the honeymoon was not, because anywhere we went. Late autumn has postponed the trip until the summer. That was a waste. In the summer, too, came to nothing, although the money for the rest. The husband promised a year, but a year did not work, and those money was gone. In the end, it turned out that our family life had begun with an economy version, and live. I wonder, and does anyone have that really any wedding or travel together? Do You miss it? It is clear that is the past, it passed. But somehow a little sad is when I look our pictures after the painting. And even more sad, because I felt as if the summer in the first year of living together we don’t get out anywhere, and then don’t go already. And so it happened, the crisis and all the plans fell into oblivion.

  9. We also did not spend a lot on a wedding, but the dress was white) beautiful. The suit my husband. Beautiful restaurant and SPA-hotel after. The crowd was not – only the parents. Photographer booked, although I had doubts about him. And, as it turned out, in vain) the Pictures are stunning, straight up chills. Pleasant and warm memories. If you want such prettiness, it is possible to arrange for an anniversary or wedding) When wearing a wedding dress is such an emotion!) It is impossible to forget) that flutter in the soul. Of course, to each his own. Someone does not need) I also had this, until I went to a Bridal shop. And have not regretted)

  10. Arrange on the anniversary of the wedding. Find the photographer, put on an outfit and go.

  11. we had a super-economy version, not aleem, because the savings we went on a trip of our dreams 🙂

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