Recently, an entire discussion has erupted on the Internet on the topic: What will happen if the planet is left without men? Some say that women will feel great, others – that they will walk not made up, thick, and so on. We will not interfere with the instigators of this small talk, but just fantasize about funny photos.

If there are no men left on the planet: 20 funny photos in the absence of the stronger sex

Women can be very successful in business, manage large collectives, but do not know how to open banks.

For many women, this is very important.

Something like this would look like the evening of a lonely woman.

The heroine of this photo is a jack of all trades.

Of course, they will be very fun.

And many won’t do anything at all.

Many of them do not know that photos with repair tools will not be replaced.

Many men would silently watch what would happen, and they would not even hint.

I am very interested in what she is going to do.

In the absence of men, everything would have to be done by ourselves.

You will not need to go to the solarium to tan in special places.

And go yourself in your favorite outfit as you wish.

And kiss yourself with a fish in your pleasure.

Yes, it will be like that.

You have to buy winter tires yourself and brag about it on Instagram.

We’ll have to drive on the old cars.

Urinals will not be needed.

And the breast will completely change its purpose.

Modern women with power tools on you.

Soon this will surprise no one.

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