We tried to explore the standard of male beauty in different countries of the world. Look like in the most beautiful and sexiest men of different nationalities in our selection.

Ideal male: standards of male beauty in different countries of the world, 20 photos

Australia. Men in this country, to be considered sexy and beautiful, do not disdain trips to the beauty salon and to plastic surgeons. They make a variety of facelifts and ear corrections. At the same time, Australians are very high – their average height is 175 cm.

Korea. Koreans, like other Asians, have their own standards of male beauty, which are based on pop culture. Men’s cosmetic bags are often larger than women’s. They use not only BB-cream, but also lip gloss and eyebrow gel. Koreans really do not wear beards, but they do plastic, getting rid of the “third century”.

India. Here they celebrate the image of a courageous male, although local men use cosmetics en masse. Recently, the Indians began to dye and style their hair.

Russia. Here a handsome man is a big and strong man. Honored blond hair, blue eyes, big hands. Russian men almost do not use cosmetics.

France. In general, the French look stylish and well-groomed. All neat light unshaven and stylish hair. In addition, they do a manicure and use different scarves, gloves, glasses and other accessories.

Great Britain. The British apply tanning and wear a beard. The English women love men with “soft” faces, that is, thin and men without a massive lower jaw. Every fifth UK resident has tattoos.

Italy. Italians have one credo that sounds like this: “The main thing is to have a suit sitting.” These are vehement lovers of everything expensive and fashionable.

USA. In fashion here came lambersexuals. These are powerful, pumped up guys who have a lot of tattoos and a beard. A checked shirt, jeans and hoodie – such clothes are now worn even in Manhattan.

Brazil. The average Brazilian is very sexy and beautiful. Olive skin, blue eyes, light brown hair are features of a typical Brazilian. They correct the nose, ears and cheekbones of the surgeon, and massively.

Germany. German men – strong, strong. They have light brown or black hair, blue eyes and white skin. They are tall and certainly in good physical shape.

Mexico. Here, honored are tall, courageous guys who associate themselves with Mexico and its culture.

AT South africa White skin is considered beautiful, and this is quite unexpected. South African models simply use skin brightening cream.

AT Nigeria A macho is a strong, strong man who, if necessary, will be able to protect his wife and children.

Turkey. One of the latest gender studies says that Turkish women prefer strong, pumped men with hairless breasts.

Philippines. A local macho is someone who helps his family, is physically mature and can control himself.

Spain. Inspansky macho is a handsome, tall, pumped-up man with dark skin.

Now dive a little into the story. Since ancient times in Europe, men watched themselves and went to hairdressers. At the same time, similar institutions for women did not exist yet.

In those days, men held in high esteem, like the heroes of the sagas and northern legends. That is, the macho of antiquity is a tall, long-legged man with blond hair and blue eyes.

In the Middle Ages, the ideal of a man changed a little. At that time it was fashionable to have a thin, fragile figure.

And in the 17th century, men became like lions, as they wore red and black wigs. At that time, Louis XIV, king of France, became the standard of beauty for men.

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