Tea is drunk all over the world, but ideas about how to cook, serve and even drink it vary.

How to drink tea

South Africa. In this country, they drink “Rooibos” – bright red tea with a mild and sweet taste.

Argentina. Argentines prefer “mate” – green tea, rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Japan. In this country, they are preparing match tea, which is made from crushed high-quality green tea leaves.

Egypt. The inhabitants of this country love black unsweetened tea. Weddings are served hibiscus tea.

Great Britain. Residents of this country prefer to add milk to black tea.

Hong Kong. Here condensed milk is added to tea, and it is served cold or with ice cubes.

USA. In this country, they love black tea with sugar and lemon. For tenderness can add soda.

India. Tea “Darjeeling”, which grows in the mountainous part of India in the Himalayas.

Turkey. Tea in this country is served in small glass cups with sugar cubes.

Qatar. Here tea is boiled twice with milk and cane sugar.

Tibet. Tibetan tea is prepared with milk, yak oil and salt. It tastes bitter.

China. The favorite tea of ​​the Chinese is “puerh”, which is sold in the form of dense cubes or balls.

Taiwan. This tea can be served both hot and cold, the main thing is tapioca balls.

Kuwait. In this country, they drink leafy black tea with cardamom and saffron.

Thailand. Here this drink is made from various Thai herbs, milk and ice.

Malaysia. Foamed black tea with sugar and milk, they drink it cold instead of dessert.

Morocco. In this country, people prefer to drink green tea with mint.

Pakistan. Tea “masala” is prepared with spices and butter.

Mauritania. Moorish tea is drunk from three cups – from savory to sweet.

Mongolia. In Mongolia, tea is prepared in a flat metal saucepan with milk and salt.

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