Today there are many ways to decorate the walls of a nursery: wallpaper, wall painting, drawings, including painting with acrylic paints. It is quite expensive and requires the master’s hand of the artist. Therefore, today we want to stay at a more budget and easy option: sticking vinyl stickers on the wall in the nursery. How cheap, beautiful and fast it is, see our selection.

How to decorate the walls of the nursery: 15 best ideas

A unique room is very easy to make. To do this, choose a sticker that will fit the interior of the room, your baby and stick it on the wall.

Diversity. Today there is a huge selection of vinyl stickers on the market that will suit both a boy and a girl. These are stickers on animals, birds, dinosaurs and so on. There are boyish and girly stickers. But do not rush to choose them according to the gender of the child, it is better to pay attention to what he is interested in. After all, girls often love cars, and boys love cats or other animals.

Safari theme It has been in fashion for many years, as wild animals are fascinating and beautiful. We doubt that a little baby can be indifferent to a cute baby elephant, who is looking at him from the wall.

Also in the trend in kids theme monkeys. Such animals can be good friends for your little ones. Please note that in this photo the sticker also performs the function of a stadiometer – 2 in 1, so to speak – both beautifully and functionally.

The ideal design of the boy’s child’s room (in principle, many girls are also interested in this theme) will be cosmic style. You can choose whatever you want: a rocket, an astronaut, planets, funny aliens and much more that kids like so much.

For a newborn, you can choose a more delicate decor, as if “soaring in the clouds”. At the same time stickers in the form of clouds are perfectly combined with any shade of the wall. If the wall is white, choose gray or blue clouds.

You used to think that the nursery is not suitable decoration in dark colors? This photo proves the opposite. On a dark background, the image of the forest looks bright and fabulous. Here you can separately “settle” different animals: chanterelle, hare, deer, raccoon and much more.

Muffled shades of the walls And the pictures are very well suited for the children’s room, and the photo example is a direct proof of this. You can choose a picture in pastel colors or retro-style.

Vinyl stickers for the boy’s room. You can arrange a nursery in blue tones, as this color is perfect for both a newborn and a boy of school age. You can choose the image of your favorite animals or cartoon characters.

Vinyl stickers can bring not only aesthetic pleasure, but also teach baby new. Choosing a geometric theme as a wall decor, you can learn in parallel the names of all the figures.

Order a vinyl sticker with the child’s name – another interesting idea. If you paste the name of the child on the wall, then you will definitely get the unique interior of the nursery.

Vinyl stickers for the girl’s room. Babies love different flowers, trees, cats, birds and much more. You can stick the image of your favorite hero from cartoons. And if your lady is 2 years old, she will choose the most interesting and beautiful for herself.

The combination of bright shades of the wall and stickers can make your room unique. Especially if you used to think that bright pictures are better combined with walls of pastel shades. The bright picture does not spoil at all against the background of a no less bright wall.

For white walls decoration pick up even easier. So hurry to make the room cute and unique. We are sure that every kid will appreciate the sticker with a beautiful image.

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