Today, Dubai is known as a metropolis with unique skyscrapers. It is hard to imagine that at the time of the foundation of this unique city its population numbered only 800 people. Over the past 60 years, from a small center in which they were engaged in fishing and the search for pearls, it has become one of the most impressive megacities of our planet.

How Dubai has changed in 60 years: photos from the 50s and today

It looked like the airport of this city 60 years ago.

The airport of the modern city impresses with its grandeur.

Incredibly, just 60 years ago, the city center of the famous metropolis looked like this.

This is what Dubai looks like these days.

City embankment of the “old” city.

It looks like the city embankment in our days.

60 years ago, camels were the main means of transportation in this city.

Today, in this metropolis you can find a variety of vehicles. Incredible road junctions are built in the city.

This is how one of the bays in Dubai looked 60 years ago.

In the bay of the modern city you can see the extraordinary yachts and ships.

The clock tower is 60 years old.

The clock tower was also kept in the modern city.

This is how the market looked in the Emirates 60 years ago and now.

Dubai aerial view in the 50s.

It looks like this place today.

It looked like the first store in the city, which opened in 1956.

One of the malls these days.

Before oil was found in Dubai, it was a solid desert.

Now here grow luxurious gardens and live fabulously rich people.

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