If you ever happen to fly with a Chinese airline, we advise you to take a good look at the flight attendants who will brighten up your flight. Looking at these smiling and lovely girls, you never think that they have gone through many hours of hard training, which not everyone can do. For information on how Chinese flight attendants are taught to keep their backs straight, to smile sweetly and, if necessary, to resist intractable passengers, see our selection.

Horrific training Chinese flight attendants

These charming students of the Sichuan Civil Aviation College will become professional flight attendants in the future. This photo captures an exercise by which flight attendants learn to keep an immaculate smile. And with the help of a magazine on the head, they train their posture.

With the help of this exercise check how well developed posture. Girls need to stand with a bottle of mineral water on their heads for three minutes.

This exercise also helps to form a correct posture, as well as a neutral “standing” posture – holding a sheet of A4 paper between your knees.

At all classes flight attendants dress strictly in form. This applies to both girls and young people who are no less actively mastering this profession.

In the classroom, students practice literally every posture that can be adopted by the flight attendant during the flight.

The college also has security classes. Separate lessons are devoted to this topic, in which flight attendants are trained in Kung Fu and Taekwondo techniques.

Part of the security training is conducted on the street, and more like the training of soldiers, rather than the lessons of flight attendants.

In the open air, there are lessons of hand-to-hand combat, overcoming an obstacle course and training with melee weapons.

At the final exam, graduates must break a ceramic plate with one hand at a time.

Particular attention is paid during class lessons to neutralize intruders. In conditions as close as possible to the flight.

Stewardess training in the martial arts in China began in 2013 after a series of attacks on flight attendants.

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