Gorgeous, rich gypsy wedding! The bride's dress and veil, video

Beautiful toasts for a wedding
Do you hear music? No? Listen carefully. This music is quiet, like the rustle of grass, light as a breeze, gentle as a mother’s kiss. This music flows from the two hearts that have merged today. I wish you that this music sounded louder, more confident that the voices of your children would join it. Let it become a hymn – the anthem of the family, love, happiness. Bitterly!
Beautiful toasts for a wedding
Today you have crossed a new frontier in your life. Now you will have new worries, responsibility, troubles. But let, it does not upset you, because you can easily cope with this all. Time will flow, the years go by, so you want to wish to remain always young. Let the fire of passion and note of romance, never leave your relationship!
Beautiful toasts for a wedding
Dear newlyweds! I wish that starting from today in your hearts daily ease was added, and in pockets – gravity!
A fascinating, interesting video viewing of a very rich gypsy wedding.
A young gypsy woman marries a similar young gypsy, the son of a gypsy baron. The bride, respectively, is the daughter of another gypsy baron. The wedding is amazing in its scope. Guests give young people gold, jewelry and dollars. The best wedding in the gypsy sense, although, perhaps, many do not like such weddings.
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