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Gorgeous chinese girls.
One guy on the experience writes.
It is known that “the East – business thin” 🙂 This post will tell you about the Chinese women, about how not easy to get acquainted with them. I advise you to read further the small instruction on the treatment of the Chinese girls which it will be interesting to you to learn.
The first, and main problem of China is the Chinese women.
Or rather, even not they, and their absence.
I explain. In total because of the shaitan device under the name ultrasonography. Chinese do not want to have the child girl. DO NOT WANT, and all here. Doctors under the threat of deprivation of the license are FORBIDDEN to tell a sex of the child to future parents, but all the same report.
Today, if it is elementary to put 2+2, without couple there will be 200 million Chinese men. It is more, than all population of Russia.
Therefore if the Chinese girl and she nice exists, it quickly turns in… But about this ambassador.
The girl cannot help the father with work. The girl will go to other family. On girls one expenses – here usual arguments of Chinese.
But if stars developed in such a way that the girl after all was born, on her the heap of temptations at once leans.
Here it is necessary to understand that “at once” is years at 17-18. Here recently there was a card of the beginning of sex life in the world, in China it is 22-23 years. In principle, you will not argue with it.
When the girl graduates from school if it rather nice, then in the head of it only animated cartoons and posting of new photos in QQ and Weibo. I do not joke. 23-25 summer “girls” watch Xiyangyang (by the way, a cool animated cartoon of xD) and are photographed in the form of TP.
You can just make experiment – to collect group photos from the Chinese Universities and a photo from local night clubs. If in club beautiful girls – the norm, then within HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION is rather exception.
In this regard first dilemma. To look for the girlfriend of life, reliable and true, but not all that well, or to throw a lot of money for club girls.
The strange noticed regularity – club girls always untwisted me on money.
Both still, and still. That the most ridiculous – if to give them money, at them is not even enough the imagination for cheerfully to have a good time. They are enough only for that in the afternoon to gad on shops, and to drink any rubbish in club in the evening and to utykatsya in phone.
PHONE!!! This second national evil.
Chinese they in general as small children – very easily give in temptation (perhaps for this reason the only system at which they develop – totalitarian with a rigid framework). All remember opium wars, Chinese always easily sat down on drugs, lowered everything in gamblings. Children, in a word.
And then mobile phones appeared. No, at me at most their three (I work in the company which is engaged in appendices under mobile phones), I actively buy to myself novelties, I am played games. But it NOTHING in comparison with that, what is the time behind phones is carried out by Chinese.
Woke up – in phone. Appointment to the girl – both sit and utyknutsya in phones. The company came to birthday to a karaoke – one sings, and ten others stick in phone.
The same and with girls. If you invited the Chinese woman to appointment, and she constantly looks in phone and inattentively sometimes answers – do not worry, to her with you it is very good…
Pay attention to a hairdress. Shortly short-haired girl most often left recently the guy.
You feed them with our food. First, they are thrilled with the fact that there are men who prepare. Secondly, they are thrilled with the fact that there are men who do not consider them for the lowest being.
And the main thing, main (yet not the end), feed them with salad!
Do we have an avitaminosis whether that else, but usual Greek salad – a way to the Chinese woman’s heart. It is tested repeatedly, 100% work.
Ah yes, and sandwiches do not forget…
Let’s return to the passed places.
Nobody speaks, good girls do not go on bars and clubs. They are there. But they come the company there, leave the company and are usually not located to acquaintance.
One more important fact – the average Chinese considers the woman by a thing. If in everyones Evropakh and America you surprise nobody with the female chancellor and the Secretary of State, then in China it is a nonsense. A role of the woman – to conduct economy and to look for children.
It is projected also on the relations. Chinese of the girls buy (most often). Somehow I fought the girl off one Chinese (as to take away candy from the child, honestly… It is necessary just to tell couple of compliments and to feed with salad. Ha-ha). His arguments when we beat each other and set to smoke – “Why she chose you, I buy everything that she wants”. Such examples weight.
The same concerns also sex. In a bed the club Chinese woman as the soldier of Prussian army – the bezinitsiativna also submits to teams. And as contacts with club girls seldom last more than a couple of days, nothing can be taught (-sya).
Quite another matter – to get acquainted with the inexperienced student, and, rotating various ruchechka and shpuntik to adjust the ideal car. Then it will be returned a hundredfold to you.
Natural question – and as to meet them. As on spirit – I have no concept. During all the time here the first I never approached the girl.
When you see the girl interesting you – accept a pose “Pythagoras reflecting on Archimedes who reflects on Diogenes” and important you look afar. At me it works with 90% probability.
Do not offend them – they as children…

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