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The bicycle boom that has engulfed the inhabitants of world megacities in recent years is also gaining momentum in Ukraine. Sport and a healthy lifestyle are so popular today that it was even prestigious to change a car to a bicycle! Given the difficult economic situation in the country, it is also profitable. In general, the bike is a real must-have of this season. If you still haven’t got an iron friend, it’s time to do it!
You need to buy a bike in a specialty store to be able to consult with a specialist. However, when going shopping, it is advisable to still have general information about the bike.
Let’s start with the most important thing: does a woman need a special bicycle? Today, almost all manufacturers claim the female line of models. In this case, the developers rely only on anatomical differences between a man and a woman. In fact, this does not require special changes in the geometry of a classic bicycle. However, differences still exist, which makes the device more convenient for the beautiful half of humanity.
I must say that the announcement of the line of women’s bicycles has given rise to a real boom in them, because enthusiastic women are willing to spend large sums of money on themselves. We know that a bicycle is not only a means of transportation, but a fashionable accessory! And for beauty it is accepted to pay more.
Next, you should pay attention to such moments as ease of planting, protection of parts from moisture, matching the type of apparatus to their own goals, and, of course, an aesthetic look.
As for the frame, it is important to pay attention to its reliability, strength and weight, and not to the material from which it is made.
As for the weight of the bike itself, then consider that the lighter the bike, the more expensive it is. If you are not going to win the “Tour de France” (for the riders the weight of the vehicle is really important), then you may not worry too much about this. Yes, you don’t really want to carry a heavy bike, but if you have an elevator, good physical condition or live on the first floor, the problem ceases to be global.
Metal bicycle pedals, which are supposedly much better than plastic ones, are nothing more than a myth. Modern bikes proven quality manufacturers are often equipped with plastic pedals, which do not fall apart, and successfully work for many years.
The same applies to speed switches, which supposedly should be high level. An ordinary cyclist switches speeds several times a day, unlike a rider who does this several hundred times. Therefore, throwing money on high-level switches, like other professional equipment, is not worth it.

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