Girl with rose petals 1

Girl with rose petals 2

Girl with rose petals 3

Girl with rose petals an amazing combination of tenderness and ethereal beauty!
Girl with rose petals
. These pictures not only please eyes, but also warm our heart.
Since old eras, the rose, in addition, this flower one of the most magnificent views of flowers on Earth which began to exist still in ancient times was a flower which was very much appreciated -. It is in the history told that else in an antique era admired a rose a large number of the nations, beginning from Greeks and finishing Romans. Well watched roses, grew up it in monasteries which had the gardens, in big parks, and almost all places where grew up a rose, it is considered architectural property of the world now.
Rose – a symbol of natural beauty which exists a set of years. Often, the beautiful girl, compare to a rose as it very beautiful and magnificent. The first real rose was grown up still in ancient times, in Asia, and Europe saw this magnificent flower only in the XVIII century of our era. Initially there were few grades of roses, there was only one its grade which blossomed only one season, but by the end of century of grades removed already 4 thousand. Several years later removed grades which could blossom not one season

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