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Girl with motorcycle.
The song about the motorcycle, accident and good luck… (Anthem of Terminators)

My friend from Germany Vlad Magel had an accident on the
motorcycle. Changes, operation… He has now a rest at home.

I wrote for it the poem on good luck, and bikers at once
thought up for it a melody and even several options.
Now I will give these new verses, and also the text with chords.
And still I will share with you thoughts of motorcyclists – these people who
cannot live without abrupt bends…

Vlada Magel

Song of the biker about accident and Good luck!

Hey, Good luck, sit down behind the back!

With the motorcycle all seem to the macho!
Everyone trusts – to it will carry!
Well, where you looked, good luck?
When there was that abrupt turn?

You know – at a speed of this
Each stone – as if a collapse.
I regained consciousness in embraces of a ditch
And then only understood: “Fell!”

Also the motorcycle from pain hooted,
For offense roared as a bison.
He wanted on the road, on will:
There burns and calls the horizon.

Those who stay at home on a sofa,
Will not understand our biker dreams.
I am covered a little with wounds today.
But I will be ready to a season!

The motorcycle – dangerous piece.
Even will argue with it it is impossible.
To us accident – just science
And friends understand me.

If it is necessary – will lend a hand.
Nothing happens to me!
I get ready for a trip again …
– Hey, good luck, sit down behind the back!

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