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Girl and cat together photos 1

Girl and cat together photos 2

Girl and cat together photos 3

Girl and cat together photos.
Women and cats (verses)
Women and cats are similar… a little bit…
Years long Kaya rescued,
Trod a path on snow.
And then our Gerda was tired…
Also left a silent cat…
The cat is made of fur, of desires and a riddle.
The cat is not a dog, it has habits.
The cat someone’s cannot be. Appreciates caress and care.
Very heavy it was necessary to it without house during bad weather.
The cat was invented by the MAN that coming from work,
To iron, sitting at a fireplace, forgetting about cares.
The cat comes to the house at night, through a window leaf on the first.
The cat knows many windows, just is able to be true.
The cat – business of mood, will approach when wants.
If presents with a look, then as – as if by the way.
The cat wants on a roof to fall in love under the moon.
Remember, to a cat you will not replace will – a bowl with the doghouse.
The cat in the dark sees everything zelenyushchy eyes.
Pads soft at a cat – a pad with sharp claws.
Cat – strange creation, with her is so difficult…. not to laughter

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