Gipsy cheerful wedding in Europe, educational video

Gypsy wedding, in which, on the one hand, gypsy traditions are observed, and on the other hand there is a European entourage, everything is beautiful, decent, noble. The wedding has no borders: guests from Moldova, Russia, Ukraine.
Beautiful toasts for a wedding
For the bride and for the groom,
I offer to drink,
And from now on you are a family,
It is necessary to get used to it!

All must now be divided,
Bitterness, fun,
I wish you from the heart,
Be in the mood!
Toasts with a wedding
Many conflicts, historical scale, began due to the unsettled personal life of their instigators. Let’s drink to ensure that the young never quarreled and always found a compromise, in the case of opposing opinions. Together and the house is easier to build, and the tree is planted, and the children are wonderful to happen. Bitterly!
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