Today we decided to tell you about the largest ships in the world. Some of them are designed for passenger transport, others are used for the transportation of goods, and there are those that are used as floating factories. So, let’s look at the giants that plow the expanses of the seas and oceans.

Giant ships: the largest, long, capacious (22 photos)

To date, the title of the longest container ship belongs to the CSCL Globe. This amazing vessel can transport 19,100 containers at a time.

The container ship made its first flight in January 2015 from China to Europe.

This vessel is owned by China Shipping Container Lines.

In terms of capacity, CSCL Globe is inferior to another giant – MSC Oscar, which was built in South Korea for an Italian company and can translate into 124 containers more.

The difference is almost imperceptible, although the Chinese container ship has a longer length and the engine is the most powerful in the world.

The world’s largest ICE ever built was built on a container ship built for China Shipping Container Lines: a diesel engine MAN with a capacity of 77,200 hp hides in the engine compartment of the vessel. and a height of 17.2 meters!

The main characteristics of the vessel: tonnage 186,000 tons, deadweight of 155,200 tons. The length is 400 meters, the width is 58.6 meters, the height is 30.5 meters. Capacity 19,100 TEU.

However, this CSCL Globe is the longest only among container ships. To whom does primacy belong among all the ships of the planet?

The longest ship on Earth – Prelude FLNG. On board this giant, you can place five full-size football fields at once!

Parameters Prelude FLNG: length – 488 m, width – 74 m, deadweight – 600 000 tons. It was launched in 2013.

This huge floating structure serves as the first (and probably the only) in the world floating plant for the extraction and liquefaction of natural gas.

The vessel was built by the South Korean company Samsung Heavy Industries and is owned by the Dutch-British oil and gas company Shell.

In Prelude FLNG there is one feature, because of which it can not be called a full-fledged ship. The fact is that he cannot move independently – he should be towed to the workplace.

But this monster can be safely called unsinkable – the developers claim that the Prelude FLNG is able to work in the zone of cyclones and will be able to withstand a hurricane of the highest, fifth category.

And now let’s move on to another giant – the largest ship by deck area. So, the champion in this category is the catamaran ship Pioneering Spirit, which until 2015 was called Pieter Schelte.

The length of this giant is 382 meters, width – 124 meters, deadweight – 48000 tons. Pieter Schelte was launched into the water, like Prelude FLING, in 2013.

The main function of the ship owned by the Swiss company is to lay underwater pipelines and move, as well as to assemble and dismantle drilling platforms.

The largest cruise ship is Allure of the Seas. On board it can simultaneously accommodate 6296 passengers and 2384 crew members.

The parameters of this giant are 362 meters long, 60 meters wide. Deadweight – 19,750 tons. For the first time, Allure of the Seas was launched in 2009.

The liner belongs to the American-Norwegian company Royal Caribbean International and runs between the US and Europe.

From the inside, it looks like a real city with a park of living plants, a theater, a water park, an ice rink, shops, bars, restaurants and much more.

It is noteworthy that this ship has a twin of the same class – the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas. However, Allure of the Seas is 5 cm longer.

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