Funny wedding. The funniest video and jokes.

Toasts to the wedding
I want to wish you friends,
That the family was strong,
So that you do not know grief, evil,
To love always blossomed.

To have children born to you,
The most beautiful in the world,
To be talented,
And to health surprised.

I drink for you, for your union,
For the house, the warmth and the comfort,
To all was good,
So that you always have luck in business!

For you, for joy and for marriage,
So that there is no mess around now,
To understand and appreciate,
So that you cherished each other!
A merry and fascinating view of this incendiary and funny video of funny moments and games at the wedding. Write comments and comments after watching the video.

14 of comments to the post “Funny wedding. The funniest video and jokes.

  1. they are also probably in shock from such turn of events, but the wedding still continues ….

  2. shooting failed? it’s a minus to Your professionalism.

  3. Like not found similar themes. I decided now to talk about the following: there are also curiosities, and miscellaneous incidents (it is already separate subject). Sometimes they are funny and do not spoil the General impression about the wedding. In this topic I suggest to share negative memories of the wedding where you were the photographer or videographer.

  4. unpleasant You or the bride personally? it is solved at the meeting, and then no turning back.

  5. inappropriate behavior? broke the camera? spilled beer? then demand compensation and to withdraw from the wedding after calling the police, if vandalism and peacefully resolve don’t want to leave at the end of the wedding, and the photos do not give.

  6. guests liked photos?) as always it was a lot of cute bridesmaids?))

  7. In the end, it left a nasty taste about people. Still sometimes wonder whether to leave or to stay … But in any case, the wedding was terrible!

  8. What is horrible in the Smoking/drinking? That’s her business IMHO. Most importantly to not booze, and acted appropriately.

  9. Going to a wedding work – You can’t just up and leave

  10. and “”wedding work day”” is already taken THIS pair “”

  11. in this case, I’d talk to the groom, with parents

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