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The best toasts for the wedding
Dear newlyweds, I wish you and the tree, and cast iron, and copper, and steel, and tin, and bronze, and silver, and gold … I do not remember all the names of anniversaries, but I wish you to meet and celebrate them together, in love and consent. Up to the red anniversary, and this is a hundred years of living together. Happy wedding to you!
The best toasts for the wedding
The exemplary wife will never make a remark to her husband for salted eggs, and the model husband will always pretend that she does not notice how her wife crookedly nails a nail. So let us drink to the exemplary marriage and full mutual understanding of our happy newlyweds!
The best toasts for the wedding
I wish your family more bright colors. To life every day was not a routine, but a holiday. I wish you such love, as at pigeons, that for all life. Do not forget about each other, give flowers and gifts. This is also attention. I want to wish you understanding, that you always speak the same language. Be friends and do not forget to trust each other, because without this you will not build a family. And from the heart I want to wish to live without quarrels and in abundance.
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