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Funny cars and situations 1

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1. If the area of your attention is a sign “Children”, be very careful with your car can accolate brand logo.
2. If you see a sign with a white horizontal stripe on a red background, turn back ahead of Spartak fans.
3. If on the side of the road is a sign with the number 40 on the blue square — don’t reduce speed below forty miles per hour. Although, if the blue background does not catch, can not listen to this recommendation.
4. If you see a road sign with a picture of a deer — feel free to step on the gas, the fleet-footed deer!

Signals regulator:

1. If standing at the intersection directing traffic raised up a hand with a striped stick, it means: “Look what I have a striped rod!”
2. If standing at the intersection directing traffic suddenly jumped to the side — check too if you took the left.


1. If the intersection you hit the traffic light when crossing the intersection, follow the road signs and traffic rules.
2. If the road signs that you were going to follow, too, was shot down by you, consider its main road.
3. When the traffic light hanging over the strip of your movement, fired up the signal in the form of two crossed red stripes — this means: “You’re dead, mate.”
4. If you are driving a “Lada”, approaching the intersection on the main road, and secondary to the same intersection, pulls up a Mercedes, continuing movement of the window with your left hand, pull her up and bend into a fist all the fingers except the middle.
5. If you are driving Mercedes, approaching the intersection on the minor road, and at home to the same crossroads drive “Lada”, which the driver leaned out the window, his left hand bent into a fist all the fingers except the middle, stop and skip it. Where is he on the “Lada” will go?

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