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We are pleased to welcome car enthusiasts are not only interested in cars, and are willing to invest their own strength and efforts to repair the vehicle.
Here you will find information and practical advice in the following areas of repair and restoration works:
Car repairs with their hands can perform no matter whether you are the owner of domestic cars, or driving around in the car. Of course, many repairs will require you to have knowledge in this area, so for your convenience, our website contains many guides on maintenance and repair.
For greater clarity, we accompanied the photos.

1. Burst hose clutch. If the burst hose clutch, it is necessary to wind the damaged place of the raw rubber, which is usually vulcanizing chamber, and the top is tight to fix it with copper wire. Far, of course, will not leave, but to get a HUNDRED.

2. The wheel came down. And here again, the wheel is loose. Wow, how unlucky: no spare wheel, no raw rubber or a spare camera. Do not despair. We need to remove the tire pump cover, pull the rod with a sleeve and pour into a cylindrical body of water. Now insert the rod and pumped into a deflated chamber water with air. As during movement centrifugal force will force water to be distributed on a circle, air through a puncture will go much slower. And to the garage to get will be able.

3. The candle can be restored. If porcelain isolation on an old candle is not damaged, the candle can be restored. Put it on 15-20 minutes in acetone, then clean of soot with a wire brush. Enter a few drops of hydrochloric or sulphuric acid into the cavity of the candles, “poserait” there’s a match. Now clean skirt and the Central electrode. Rinse a candle water and adjust a gap. Now you have a spare candle. By the way, when you examine the motor, get accustomed to candles. If you are around some of them appeared an oil stain, so it’s time to change. The fact is that because of interruptions in sparking the oil from the unburned mixture penetrates between the candle and the cylinder head and gradually squeezed out.

4. To pierce brake drums and myself. How should I fix the wheel wheel stops, poddomkratit the rear wheel. Remove the axle shaft drum, turn it a working surface outside. Now turn on first or rear gear. Do not be afraid, the car anywhere from a Jack will not fall, and the back wheel will spin as on a lathe. Scraper or emery stone, holding in his hands, smooth out any irregularities. Similarly, it is possible to pierce and drums of the front wheels, placing them on the rear axle shaft.

5. Replacement of the resonator. When replacing the resonator of the exhaust system is not just a nut binding band, if she was under the bottom of the machine at least six months. Sometimes just breaking the bolt. To ease the process of undoing, we must first clean up with a wire brush protruding threaded portion of the bolt, then soak the threads with penetrating fluid such as kerosene. After 10 minutes you can take cap Allen key – now the nut will go.

But don’t remove it until the end, enough to make 3-4 turns that it was possible easy blows of a hammer to knock the clamp off the pipe resonator exhaust pipe, having bared a joint of these pipes. Obstuctive with a hammer the bared joint, but not too zealous, not to break. Now you put your hands in the tube and rotate it around its axis in one direction and then the other, at the same time trying to pull the resonator back. Sometimes, it’s not working. Then try to bring down the end of a pipe of the resonator back, imposing on it some sort of metal thing, but in any case not sharp chisel.

Hit the hammer on this thing, trying to knock around the circumference. The resonator is shifted. Well, now there is nothing easier than to put a new resonator. To facilitate connection of pipes can lubricate them with machine oil.

6. The muffler rusts. The muffler rusts mainly from the inside. Is there a way to slow down the corrosion process. For this we need to drill in the exhaust tube hole and insert the tube with a plug at the bottom. It would be better to put it on the thread that it was possible from time to time unscrewing. Fill this tube with engine oil. The hot exhaust gases will heat the oil and the vapors will envelop the muffler from the inside, preventing corrosion, or rather, slowing them. And removing the tube, you will topped up the oil.

7. Gaskets and washers are rigid and does not provide tightness of connection. Over time, copper gaskets and washers are rigid and does not provide tightness of connection. A blowtorch will rakalite them (suspended on a steel wire) red. And now let cool. Cool? Well, they again become soft.

8. And again on the pads, but cardboard. They have a tendency to break. This predicament can be found out. Rinse the place (or places) a gap gasoline or white spirit, neatly fold and wrap two layers of plastic electrical tape.

9. The damaged clamp. The damaged clamp and there is nothing to tighten the hose on the pipe? Take soft steel wire and a pin, only it needs to be three times thicker wire. Now tighten.

10. Went down the coal. During the inspection of the distributor you find that is out of order ember. The lead of the pencil will serve instead of coal: the same carbon.

11. The lock on the door start to not work. It happens that the lock on the door begins to operate poorly. You slam the door, and the lock is not locked. So, the grease in the mechanism over. It is not necessary to remove the paneling to get to the castle. Open the door and on her butt Unscrew the upper lock screw. In the hole insert the grease fitting the engine oil. Tighten the screw and develop the castle. It will work for a long time.

12. Is not removed, the average steering rod. For example, on the “Lada” is not removed, the average steering rod. Here is a sample sequence of actions that need to be made to it still to remove. We turn on two nuts of fastening of spherical fingers to a bipod and pendulum lever. The sharp end of a hammer beat heavily on the bipod hinge slightly above average traction. Fingers joints fall out of the tapered holes in the bosses. Now knock with a hammer on a pendulum arm. And here it – average steering rod. As pretty falls on a reception pipe of the muffler. Well, how to remove side mouldings? In the same manner.

13. The valve of pumping of the brake cylinder does not turn away. Do you need to bleed the brake system, but as luck would have it, the valve of pumping of the brake cylinder does not turn away. No need to be nervous. We act slowly. Metal brush we clean the ill-fated valve, moistened it with brake fluid that has penetrated the threaded portion. Take a hammer and obstuctive valve easy blows from top to down, as if hammering and shaking. Then take a wrench, but not carob, and mechanical, which should fit snugly on faces… And unscrews. Where else is valve to do?

14. Remove the brake drum. You need to remove the brake drum, and it is, as they say, rested. Some, to cope with the drum, heat it with a blowtorch. It certainly helps, but the open fire in the garage can be dangerous. We apply a different method. Clean with a wire brush and the intersection of drum and the axle shaft and soak it with penetrating fluid such as kerosene. Will turn the guide pins wheels and get brake pads. Prostukivaniem with a hammer around the holes for the wheel bolts, then wooden drift bring down the drum from the brake shield evenly around the circumference.

15. Leaking brake fluid. Did you notice that the leaking brake fluid in the joints of the surge tank with the housing of the brake master cylinder. So blame the o-sleeve. To change them not necessarily. Make walkers – their internal diameter should be 2 mm smaller than the bushing diameter. Now tighten. The leak is fixed.

16. Leaked brake fluid. In the path of the flowed out brake liquid. Don’t panic. You have at least four options, than to fill brake system: vodka, fortified wine, soap water and antifreeze. Will reach home, but then, of course, the system will need to be cleaned.

17. The rotor of the distributor. The rotor of the distributor (runner) – done although small, but very important. But the trouble, do not always find on it the marks breakdown. Finally notice a tiny crack through which the spark goes not on a candle, and to ground. How to fix this breakdown? There are many ways to close up his chewing gum, to close up sealing wax, to drip on breakdown by the melted kapron or polyethylene and so on. One of the proven methods of combating this fault, the following: between a rotor and weight lay isolation which the spark will not punch. It can be a circle from rubber, vinyl chloride electrical tape, some circles from a conventional plastic films and other similar materials.

18. Stopped independently to return to your seat the clutch pedal. Here it is necessary to remove the cable wiring to the clutch, remove it from the shell, rinse with kerosene, to grease with graphite grease, insert into the shell, and then into place. The pedal started working again normally. But the most curious turned out in about a month when the owner of the “eight” found that he forgot to put the spring. That’s it! Worked the pedal and without a spring.

19. Valve for tubeless tire – a thing very necessary, even if you use tires with cameras. The puncture close up of the same chewing gum, and the punctured chamber generally remove. Remove the usual valve and put instead tubeless. And your bus, if it has the side in good condition, will be tubeless.

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