Fun on the wedding. The best moments. A funny video.

Toasts to the wedding
Marriage is like a kitchen. Everything boils, boils, and sometimes it’s so hot that you can even get burned. But if you clearly control the process, then in the end you can get a real masterpiece that will not only please the eye, but will drive your mind crazy. We will raise glasses for a young family, and let them enjoy the wonderful moments spent together!
Let’s drink to the young,
We can not find other such,
Such beautiful, smart, glorious,
Such lovers, most, most!

Let’s drink friends to the bottom,
That there was a strong family,
So that they do not know evil and evil,
And that the children were born!
A merry view of this fascinating, funny video. Write your feedback, comments after watching this funny video.

30 of comments to the post “Fun on the wedding. The best moments. A funny video.

  1. We are very glad that in Moscow there are such wonderful people like You. Prosperity, welfare and a lot of smiles from customers in Your honor.

  2. A huge thank You for organizing the anniversary celebration!

  3. I would like to thank the Agency staff for their work in organizing our successful holiday: very carefully and thoroughly monitored the preparations for the event; gave advice, which really helped in making the holiday memorable for the whole team and only on the positive side!

  4. We Express our gratitude to the Agency for arranging our wedding.

  5. Chose this Agency for their understanding , willingness to help and to arrange a holiday. The Agency sincerely worried, listen carefully to what you want young and grant wishes.

  6. It was all very efficiently, responsibly, quickly, without fuss and very beautiful! I wish You great success! And we have next time, I will have a question whom to contact for organizing the festival.

  7. Our Agency has chosen an amazing place for an outdoor check on the river and despite the fact that it was cold (the wedding was 5.11.11) warm decorations of the rotunda reminiscent of the summer and yet look good, the decoration of the Banquet hall so it was wonderful.

  8. The Agency did not impose the details of the wedding, but only gave always good advice, what characterizes them as professionals as they are able to feel the mood, to see and feel our inner world of dreams.

  9. We met at the show. A little chat, we immediately decided for themselves that refer to them for help in organizing our wedding.

  10. Cooperation with us was very productive. In the end it was a celebration, where every stage was planned and organized. One of the highlights was that during the holiday no one was pulled and not distract on various organizational aspects. It really was our day and we had a chance to enjoy it, because I know that we have a very good and strong team that just does their job professionally.

  11. The Agency in addition to the selection of venues has also provided a choice of presenters, DJs, photographers, camera operators, florists, designers, stylists. They are extremely professionally made us our Banquet menu, picked up all those cute and need a wedding trifles, which are so essential to any wedding and are young so not enough time.

  12. We also wanted a celebration to organize an interesting entertainment program. And the Agency helped us a lot, offering a variety of accommodation and choose to do, it was plenty!!! Most importantly, the Agency heard us and picked up the room exactly to our liking, not trying to impose something of their own.

  13. Everything was organized so that no one missed. Our guests, and we were constantly interested in something. And despite the fact that after the wedding has passed some time, our guests are still living it, with nearly all then called and thanked them for the beautiful holiday and a good mood.

  14. Thank you so much for a wonderful and magical wedding day! Did everything the way we wanted! The Registrar Tatiana said that no one was able to hold back the tears, so sincere was all that I could not believe))really words can not convey how happy we are and grateful. I wish you many good clients and prosperity!!

  15. I want to Express my gratitude to the Agency. Thank you for our magical and wonderful day. After the first visit it was clear that highly skilled employees. In the future, this belief only grew stronger. In General you can tell a lot of good, but it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.

  16. I would particularly like to note the personal approach that You have. Today this attitude is rare. All that was agreed was made at the time, heard our every wish.

  17. Ordered the organization and conduct weddings. Very happy that we used Your services. Everything was great organized, the event was without a single caveat. The Agency has a great selection of all kinds of options for celebrations and various creative solutions, able to enliven the celebration. Special thanks to Natalia, without which our holiday would not have been so bright and gorgeous!

  18. I want to thank Natalia, for the excellent organization of my daughter’s wedding June 10, 2010! Thanks to the professionalism, knowledge of the business — the wedding of my children was the highlight not only their lives but our own! In our times, did not have such opportunities, as now, but with all the cares and worries lay not on us but on the Agency, we were able to fully enjoy the occasion. Thanks again!!! Good luck and Success!

  19. Thank You very much. We are very pleased to have found You that helped and supported throughout the training and at the most important moment of the wedding.

  20. Want to say a huge thank you for the excellent organization of our wedding. In particular I want to thank Natalia for the advice, the organization of the ceremony on-site, assistance in organizing the Banquet, for making our dreams come true! Everything was left to chance. We are confident that the holiday will be remembered for a lifetime for us and our guests.

  21. Wedding preparation requires a lot of time and effort, and it is good that there are people on whose shoulders you can shift some trouble and will be confident in a clear and careful execution, these people were just You.

  22. I want to Express my gratitude for the excellent organization and hosting our wedding. The holiday was lovely. All our guests were satisfied.

  23. p/s Its 30 anniversary, we will organize just for YOU!!!!!

  24. Marriage registration, which You performed was touching and very romantic, all the guests were very pleased and surprised by this unforgettable moment.

  25. Many THANKS to Natalia, it took into account all our requests, offered interesting and kreditnye ideas.

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