Fun on the wedding. Funny wedding moments, laughter video

Funny toasts for the wedding
They say that happy people are therefore happy that they think about what they have. And the unhappy people think about what they do not have. I want to raise this glass for our newlyweds, so that they always think about what they have, and that would fill them with happiness! For the young!
I want to raise a glass and drink for the first time, not for the young, but for a drink for the holiday of love, whose witnesses we are now! Young on this day, I want to wish not to stop at what has been achieved, but to love each other more and more each day and make each other happier!
In your, the most special day, dear newlyweds, I want to drink for three “n” in your family life. Understanding each other, overcoming all life obstacles, amicably and beautiful offspring. It is bitterly young.
Fascinating, fun viewing of this interesting and funny video of funny, funny events that occur at the wedding. Write your feedback and comments after watching this video.

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  1. We got everything planned, bought and booked slightly in advance. Month 2-3. We had a great girl – the wedding planner (she also conducts the ceremony). And magical girl photographer. They both live in Italy.

  2. My boyfriend is a citizen of the UK (and more specifically born and raised in Scotland) and when we decided to get married, the question arose – and how? Went to Google and surprisingly found that there is almost no information. Actually we wanted to understand what documents are needed and how to organize a wedding there. So I share the accumulated experience in solving this problem. Just say this post is not an official information relevant to 30.06.2014 and is not advice, purely for information )))

  3. The first thing that happens is, of course, engagement. My boyfriend bought me a ring to make a proposal, so we have a check for a piece of jewelry (engagement ring). Keep it safe and carefully save.

  4. We have three, so will fit all. It was fun because we got fun and totally conflicting people. Prepared table the mother of the husband with his grandmother and another girl. It was not a burden but a joy (working class), they wanted to help. Cars drove my dad (asked colleagues) and we were only photo and video, costumes Yes, decorations on the car.

  5. Everything went fine, but 2 friends did not have time to do visa. The rest of the event went like clockwork. Everybody will be happy.

  6. After all the congratulations and celebration will most likely need to determine the date of the wedding. We chose a few dates in August and went to Google place of wedding (reception). Looked at the price, the location, number of rooms, which can offer quality food and service. After the circle narrowed and began to write letters with the request for our selected days. As in Scotland (as in many European countries) wedding planning very in advance (sometimes for 2-3 years), many places are already booked. So screenings will happen by itself. The result – one or two places, which is a lot, vote, or like, is selected as the final one. Written a letter that You have them forever and really want to be friends with them. Usually immediately discussed the date of your visit to discuss all issues on the spot, but since we did it from Moscow, we were just texting about the details (number of guests, approximate number of rooms, menu) via email. When all the initial issues were discussed, we sdelali your booking and paid for it. Our hotel sent us a booking confirmation and payment. Carefully save this document.

  7. The only thing to consider, is the size of the apartment: dress better moderately lush (a-line) or not curvy to you hasn’t been stepped on or you do the furniture touched. Well, or to change from lush in not magnificent Banquet.

  8. As the saying goes, they lived happily ever after and then they got married )))

  9. We lived together for 11 years, and finally decided to put in the passport stamp… but since both have narabini the experience of visiting the local Registrar, decided that I need something to do… husband as usual, knocked this pleasant duty for me ) well, me and the cards: I have been reading the local reports about Iceland, and her husband was announced that bracelets to go in there. It was in March of this year.

  10. What’s next is, of course, a matter of taste. We chose and booked/paid directly:

  11. PBN has been in the country, the second day in a barbecue in the forest. Again, our parents to us this really helped, save us from washing dishes instead of PBN

  12. Two months of training go to waste: I found out all the details, except one: when will we get certificate after marriage? the only living person from Russia who has been through this pleasure said that his testimony and kept still in the depths of the Icelandic municipalities lost… but it is there for permanent residence, and we would like more on the road…

  13. The only negative – on the eve of his wedding, instead to do a favorite, have to cook, clean… and is the 1st wedding night again to get out and wash the dishes.

  14. Play popular and traditional Scottish music. Better to book in advance, because once again they go like hot cakes. Many of those who we love, was already occupied.

  15. About the best wedding I could never dream of! Thanks Tone, it was at the highest level, that’s how it was… to Prepare for the wedding, we started for half a year, wanted a thoughtful and well-organized, pay attention to every detail to make your wedding at the highest level. After some time realized that we all do not overpower, and then I started asking married friends and friends of anyone with this magical little man who helps to bring the dream to life! And how lucky I was to meet Antonina, a real wedding! From the first moment we met, my husband realized that we need Antonina, TONIA helped me to isolate stupid idea and a waste of money. Tonya besides acts as an excellent sedative, because like all brides, I was terribly worried and maharajalela, it turns out nothing, because Tony always had everything under control. Even at three in the morning Tonya was. Sea of positive, optimistic and sensible ideas twenty-five hours a day, that’s what I lacked. With Tonya, I didn’t know what all the wedding fuss and knew what a good night’s sleep, and this is very important! On the wedding day we have no organizational and other matters are not thought, nor the transport, nor the envelopes for the organizers, neither of where to put the gifts they brought you a cake, or how and where to change me the second dress. All done Tonya, and I’m immensely grateful that extricates us from it all. No issues and I have no complaints, some emotions and admiration! Standing ovation, you are a professional, you know what, where, how and why! A special thank you for the rum, great presenter, good evening. And the restaurant.. Nicholas is a godsend. Wonderful place, cozy interior and delicious. Thank you for all our team! But such a driver for the newlyweds could only dream of, thanks to you and your sign! Not only we bring words of gratitude, but also the guests. Everyone was delighted with the organization and coordination, especially our parents, they separate thank you! Dima’s mother was upset that he was not able to catch You with Roma! Really difficult to describe — I have confused thoughts and words, I was still overwhelmed with emotion, even though it’s been a long time, but about our wedding I can tell you for a long time. I am very grateful to you Tonya and the entire Agency, our entire team, thank you for helping to make the dream to life! Thank you for this holiday, the best day of my life! About the best wedding I could never dream of! We wish You prosperity, success, unusual and bright ideas! Already recommending you to everyone rushing to get married. And why it’s good is the highest rating?)) To say well, nothing to say! it is even more than perfect! Thank you, Tonya, you and your team! You are the best!

  16. I’m sure our parents are happy we can help. And then there is the cleaning company where to go after the holiday. Although I’ll have to think about.

  17. Two years ago, helped to prepare the wedding of her friend. together with them there were only 8 people. She had a beautiful dress she had bysto not very lush. Husband was in a suit. The car was their own, he at that time, the groom was behind the wheel. And celebrated at home. The groom’s mother did all the cooking myself and can tell that the food still remained. The scenario of the evening I wrote myself and everything was just super. Was such a homely atmosphere. Even had the first dance of the young. Vobshem everything as it should be. And I think that a wedding at home with a small number of guests, what you need! and by the way they also, the wedding was in the winter!

  18. Before the trip, I went to our Registrar and requested information on the nesostoyanie in marriage. The word I got, but then had to remake it was fresher. This reference is best to even in the archive at the place of residence ( or rather registration). The whole procedure takes a day or two. For this we need to come to the archive to write an application, pay the fee (100 rubles) and submit the whole set in the box (live stage).

  19. We recently celebrated the wedding of his employees right in the office. Cooked 3 hours.Ate 3 days… a Few drinking contests, toasts, 1st dance, and most importantly a good selection of music ( begged a professional DJ)… and everything was just super. A close company where all well know, come up with contests much easier. So go for it!!! Everything will work out.

  20. The only negative – on the eve of his wedding, instead to do a favorite, have to cook, clean… and is the 1st wedding night again to get out and wash the dishes.

  21. the normal idea. we had 40 chklovek (rented cottage), cooking for yourself (hire a chef for 10 people – it will not be expensive, if you’re interested, tell ovata), dishes does not cause worries, oddly enough. all the salads and dishes remain usually and wash 10-20 plates, and the same glasses – the problem is not on all night.

  22. the normal idea. we had 40 chklovek (rented cottage), cooking for yourself (hire a chef for 10 people – it will not be expensive, if you’re interested, tell ovata), dishes does not cause worries, oddly enough. all the salads and dishes remain usually and wash 10-20 plates, and the same glasses – the problem is not on all night.

  23. Never wrote a trip report, but, knowing that there is a custom to share experiences, I want also to be helpful)).

  24. That would not only be a consumer of this resource, publish the report for my wedding in 2014.

  25. Summary: was not the case in restaurants, heartier, people behaved with confidence, freer. We had wanted.

  26. I think to celebrate it at home only if you are willing to be someone else. I to his wedding, which took place on the boat, I baked only cakes (3 PCs). Not like store-bought or custom made, they are not always tasty. Well, the entire day before spent at the stove and went to bed in the morning. Cakes, of course, was just a class, but I was very tired. If I had guests at home, do not know how it would have time to prepare, and then had all the guests running around like a waiter, serve all, as it usually happens when I come to visit relatives. Bride-maid – not cool. If someone will take care of all the hassle, we can note home. The question is, whether there are such volunteers. In my case, such would not be found. And if I were, I would not be very pleased if anyone around MY kitchen.

  27. I love Venice, been there many times, so the organization fell on my shoulders.

  28. Summary: was not the case in restaurants, heartier, people behaved with confidence, freer. We had wanted.

  29. We were not in Venice to do the official paperwork, and was limited to a symbolic ceremony. The official part with everyone relatives was held the day after homecoming. In this regard, there was an epic moment with the bride’s dress, which we forgot in the apartment)).

  30. We rented for 45,000 on the night from Friday to Saturday, with Friday at 11:00 came to prepare the cottage at 18:00 was the beginning of the Banquet, and on Saturday at 18:00 we had to leave, that is, we had a half day, the cost is not affected. Most normal website Russia-mother, because only there the site stated how many beds and the maximum occupancy is the number of Banquet places, in other agencies this information gives the girl on the phone, as it turned out, the girl did not know, 5 times gave incorrect information.

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