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Free images of dogs and girls 1

Free images of dogs and girls 2

Free images of dogs and girls 3

Free images of dogs and girls.
about the girl and a dog
in a minute without time, right after midnight, under whisper of a coffee pot,
diving into fatigue, I close eyelashes
also I see a dog with the bandana tied instead of a collar
and the thin girl with a tattoo on a waist
the girl and dog wait for me from the defective moon to full,
wait because I am for some reason necessary to them.
the girl waits, making coffee and examining waves,
and a dog – drinking up the rain remains from a pool.
over them the pregale frays palm trees,
and their shadows lie on sand, short and black.
can, this place and not the best on light,
but precisely – in all hemispheres it is the quietest.
it was necessary to take a guitar, a knife, a tube and latakia tobacco,
to spit everything, to leave forever and safely
to the thin girl and truly waiting dog,
to embrace them and to turn the last business:
to call the friend through kilometers one thousand,
to take tequilas, to inhale wind, to bite off banana,
and in response to the question “where I” to tell: I in paradise, buddy.
and to throw phone to the ocean

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