Former tennis player, and now a professional model Anna Kournikova, video

Anna Kypnikova Estimated cost of assets – $ 50 million Year of birth: 1981 Instagram: annakournikova Former tennis player, and now a professional model Anna Kournikova, heads the top of the most beautiful Russian models in the world. In addition to her performances on the tennis court as a player, Anna is the face of about 23 different brands. Giant sports corporation Adidas pays her $ 3 million a year for using her beauty in her advertising. Currently, Anna meets with the famous singer Enrique Eglesias.
Anna Kournikova is a talented sportswoman and a star of Russian tennis. Anna Kurnikova was born in a family of athletes. The girl’s father was engaged in wrestling, and her mother worked as a tennis coach. Of course, parents strongly influenced Anna’s hobby, at the age of 5 she started playing tennis. At first it was a simple hobby, but gradually the sport began to absorb all free time, and at 7 years old Anna already participated in the first tournament. Anya showed great hopes: TV programs were broadcast about her and big bets were made in the world of sports. When Ana was 10 years old, she received a scholarship from Nick Bolletieri Tennis Academy in Florida. As we see, Anya justified the expectations of coaches and tennis fans. Anna’s career In 1991, Anna moved with her mother to America, trains with the best masters of the world. At the same time, Anya falls in love with America. Since then, Kournikova considers herself half American, and later this feeling was confirmed on paper when Anya received American citizenship. Already in 1995, Anna wins the Orange Bowl tournament and goes to the semifinals of the Wimbledon tournament and the quarter finals of the French Open among juniors. At 14 Kournikova becomes a professional tennis player. After wins on courts in Midland, Michigan, and in Rockford, Ill., Experts recognized her as the best rookie Corel WTA Tour. Already in 1996, Anna performed at the Olympic Games in Atlanta and became the youngest member of the Olympic team for the entire Russian history (then Kournikova was 15 years old). In 1998 Anna makes a real breakthrough – she defeats Martinina Hingis and Lindsay Davenport, opening her way to 20 of the strongest tennis players on the planet. And already in 1999 Anna together with Martin Hingis wins the open Australian championship, as well as the final tournament of the year WTA and occupy the first line in the world pair rating. However, Anna did not win a single major tournament in singles. Players in poker combination from the ace and the king (AK) became known as “Anna Kournikova” – the combination looks beautiful, but rarely wins. In 2003, Kournikova officially left the big sport. In addition to the successful career tennis player Kournikova became a true star of show business. Anna advertised underwear, watches, clothing of the world’s leading brands. The growth of Anna Kournikova – 173 cm, and weight – 56 kg. Personal life Anna Kurnikova From 1998 to 2003, Anna is listed among the 50 most beautiful people on the planet according to People magazine. Such a bright girl, like Anna, can not help attracting the attention of the press. Kournikova met with hockey player Sergei Fedorov (as Fedorov himself said, they were even married for a while), then with Pavel Bure. In 2002, as a model, Anna starred in the video of Enrique Iglesias for the song Escape. The couple started a novel, which now took the form of civil marriage. Despite the numerous rumors of their separation, Anna often reiterated that they continue to be together and just do not want to bond with the bonds of marriage. In 2011, gossip appeared about Anna’s pregnancy, but the information remained unconfirmed.
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