In a large and friendly family without humor anywhere. We present you 22 photos that show that you cannot live in a family without a troll.

Families with a good sense of humor, 22 photos

A girl cannot understand which of these three is her mother.

The good uncle played nephews, convincing them that this is a zephyr farm.

Original gift from mother in law.

My sister congratulated my wife on graduating from the police academy.

Mother-in-law wanted to embarrass her son-in-law with her gift, but it didn’t work.

My aunt’s costume was the most original this year.

Her sister gives birth, but this does not prevent her from taking a selfie.

It seems we made a big mistake when we took our son to his uncle.

I decided to support my grandmother, who was embarrassed to walk in a nightgown before us.

It seems that nephews expected more from their uncle’s gifts.

This is how my family reacts when my dad jokes.

Uncle created the most believable costume of Ursula.

Grandfather joked over his grandson while fishing.

Niece asked for a towel with princesses.

My father answered my boyfriend’s request to send my photo in underwear.

Parents claimed that this mushroom is our brother, who did not like to wash.

On Christmas, my dad was summoned to work, he decided not to change his suit.

Unsuccessful attempt of my cousin to conceal a crime.

The girl wanted another gift when she asked for something from “Cold Heart”.

The woman played out her son, as it turned out, she broke the knife while cooking.

In the closet of my uncle and aunt hangs a very original window.

After watching the movie “Tron” father decided to play his daughter.

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  1. Tatiana,

    your site makes me laugh. I am glad I found it again.

    I see you are no longer on MFC. Kak dela? Hope to hear how you are doing.


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