For a long time, men occupy a more important role in society than women. At one time, women were considered second-rate people. However, in some countries the situation is still the same. We invite you to learn about some terrible things that women had to undergo in different periods of world history.

Facts about the hard life of women in different times: 20 photos

In ancient Rome, the childhood of the girls did not last long: in 12 years, they were getting married. However, they continued to play with dolls.

In China Day, a husband could quit a woman if she spoke a lot. Divorce in those times was equal to death, because the woman was considered the property of her husband and had almost no rights.

Ancient Roman women did not even have names. Sometimes they got a generic name. For example, if a girl was born in the Yuliev genus, she was called Julia.

In ancient Rome, a couple must have a boy as their first child. If a girl was born, she was simply thrown away or left.

In Rome in the Middle Ages, critical days for women were considered a “curse.” Accordingly, the woman spent several days at home and did not communicate with anyone.

In antiquity, the loss of virginity before the wedding – is almost 100% death sentence. In Athens, such a girl was sold into slavery, and in Rome, the “guilty” was buried alive.

In many countries of the world, slaves were used for bedding comfort. At the same time, in some countries, girls were sold into slavery before the beginning of their monthly period.

And for a long time, women who worked as waitresses, actresses and singers could not file an application for rape.

Bride as a value. In China, brides were abducted until 1940. In Japan, the last time a bride abduction was recorded in 1959. And even the Bible recalls how entire villages were slaughtered, and unmarried girls were taken away from them as wives.

Unnatural selection. Unhealthy children were killed not only in Sparta. For example, in Athens, a mother could kill her child if he was born a freak. In Rome, the mother of such a child was given the choice of either abandoning the child or killing him. Experts say that every fourth child in Rome did not live to see a year.

A woman without a soul. In Greece and Rome in ancient times, women were not respected at all. They were not allowed to sit at the table in front of the guests. If the woman resisted against any man’s action, he could lock her up for a few days in a violin-shaped shoe.

Adultery was considered a crime. If a woman slept with another man, and not with her husband, then she was doomed. A Roman could kill his wife if he found her in bed with another. In the Middle Ages, men did not just kill wives who sinned, they were forced to suffer for a long time and painfully.

Death after husband. Until the 19th century, the woman who remained a widow was doomed: she was burned alive with the body of a man on a funeral pyre.

Over the past half century, women have achieved a lot.

Today, women are headed in some countries. But at the same time in three states – Saudi Arabia, Bhutan and Brunei, female representatives are deprived of their right to vote.

Nepal is still practicing early marriage and pregnancy. Add to this malnutrition and exhaustion, and Nepalese women rarely live to be 40 years old. And during the period of menstruation, they are generally forced to leave home.

In Tanzania, women work very hard. They carry different loads on their heads, the weight of which approaches their own. And only girls and women do such work.

In Europe, pants for women until the beginning of the XX century were under strict prohibition. And in some Muslim countries, this ban has still not been lifted.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, rape happens so often that the UN almost does not respond to it.

But do not despair: in many countries, women have their own rights, the right to vote, and even the right to compete with men.

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