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Types of aerography
Aerography on the car is divided into three types:
1. Manual airbrushing on the machine.
2. Digital airbrushing.
3. Pseudoaerography on a film.
These types distinguish between the ways in which the drawings are applied to the hood or body of the machine. With the help of a manual method, the original airbrushing is performed – it is done by a professional artist, and this work takes a long time. The process consists of the following steps:
• before applying the image, the surface area is freed from moldings, handles and other protruding removable parts;
• prepare and paint the area in the main color of the car;
• The artist prepares sketches, stencils, mixes paints for airbrushing, etc .;
• a picture on the hood of the car or the body is applied by airbrush manually. At this stage, often used accessories for airbrushing – special brushes and even pencils;
• After the airbrush pattern is finished, it is covered with several layers of lacquer to protect against the negative impact of external factors;
• Lacquer is dried in a special chamber.
The time it takes to make drawings on the hood of a car or its body depends on the size and complexity of the composition. Sometimes it takes about two weeks – it is obvious that such a procedure is quite expensive. But with the figure of handwork your car becomes unique – this is a huge advantage of this method.
A fascinating view of the aerography video on the machines. Leave your feedback and comments after watching the video

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