Drawings on the car. Aerography, tuning, video

Aerography is a way of drawing an image, in which an airbrush is used. This is a kind of atomizer, but the bunch of paint in it is adjustable – its thickness is set depending on the task. For casting use a wide torch, for thin strokes – a narrow beam.
This method was patented in 1878 in Iowa – a local jeweler came up with a method that helps to apply beautiful drawings on different surfaces. Aerography on the car appeared in the middle of the last century – it started with racing competitions, where in this way they drew a number by car. A little later, the well-known companies began to put an advertisement on the car body in this way – in those days it was simple. Gradually, beautiful drawings on the surface of the car became more difficult, simple drawings began to gradually disappear. So there was a complex airbrush, which today can be considered a separate art form.
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