Delightful makeup on lips. Adhesive video

Recently, more and more original beauty trends are in fashion: flash-tatu on the hair, double eyebrows, arrow-sweets and even make-up of the ears. Now the Internet is gaining popularity non-ordinary drawings on the lips.
Make-up artist Jasmina Daniel creates whole pictures on her lips, her work is amazing. Most of all the girl likes to portray the heroes of famous movies and cartoons. Harry Potter, Edward Scissorhands, villain Joker, The Little Mermaid are just a few of the characters that Jasmine used to decorate her lips. Of course, for every day, this make-up will not work, but for a photo shoot or a party – that’s it!
Unfortunately, not everyone has the talent for drawing and will be able to repeat Jasmina’s incredible makeup. But do not despair, to help come temporary lip tattoos, which can be purchased at beauty shops and on the Internet. Tattoos represent a picture-“translation” – many such were in childhood. The drawing should be applied to the lips, moistened with water, and – voila – you have an original makeup of your lips. Youtube already has a lot of videos with tips on how to properly use the tattoo
Enjoy watching the video makeup on the lips. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video

13 of comments to the post “Delightful makeup on lips. Adhesive video

  1. Why not come up with…But I like this idea, as much as he surprised himself. I’ve just always been a supporter of the woman looked elegant, beautiful and modest, and the pictures I was a little surprised in a positive way)) of Course in daily life so paint is not necessary – no special meaning, and is it worth it, I think, not cheap. And for the holidays, the type of Halloween or even some pathetic-shocking events is fine)

  2. Mdaaaaaaaaaaa, of course, someone can and will be fine but, for me, nonsense, awful, horrible and stupid. Where is natural beauty?)

  3. Always stand when a man ponders women. What do you know? And how dare you tell us how we should dress and look to live???? For yourself! Most often these tips for you to give!

  4. And what about the trend — great idea! I’m all for any attempts to color and to brighten our gray days!

  5. On the contrary, pleasantly surprised if someone comes with such lips to work, in principle, be able to and she will come. Attention will be paid only to the owner of the lips all day, that’s for sure. You pick up the clothes under his lips — or lips under the clothes – and all the way ready!

  6. Here you will draw to yourself those festive lips and even Monday will be a holiday!

  7. Lipart from the word “sticky”? ahahaha)) it Looks like grease smeared on the last photo. Fu fu fu this dreding yourself smear))

  8. Even on holiday, even once in your life, even if you pay))

  9. Here who knows how it’s harmful-harmless, really?)

  10. I’m not sure that the lips after this experiment will be in order))

  11. another gross trend! Drawing on his lips if will look nice, TIBCO if it will be subdued and moderate, pretty..but not a flag greytbritan all lips!)))

  12. What?!Cool, not everyone will understand of course. Of course no such aircraft for holidays and parties! The first picture is for me like not much, if there to add Shine. But the second love and it is due to Shine just cool! And drawing finally can cool! Current how long will that last?) Probably before the first bite))And harm then what? Lipstick and glitter makeup? Anything there such is not contained. Make-up as well. The makeup is hypoallergenic and baby! Itself is such a draw.

  13. Yes… time goes by, things change…and fashion as they say, too.for parties and Halloween is by the way it looks (very nice) but povsednevku, just does not fit… you can just for a change to engage in such kind of art. Friends can even the competition to organize between themselves who is better, etc., to direct something and I’m very interested in this, will need to try for yourself))

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