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Cute girl in furs photos.
The fur is really magic material. And its magic is many-sided. Women lose the head at the sight of a magnificent fur coat, and men with ease leave the savings to satisfy whims of the ladies. Women in bellows concerned not one century minds of men: great writers, artists, poets sang of the great ladies whCute girl in furs photos.
o are wrapped up in captivating softness of fur clothes. The mysterious blokovsky fur and silk, an imperious ermine of Mazokh, a black sable of Bunin helped to create an image of the woman – desired and fatal. An image of the woman who dements.
In turn, women always asserted the rights for fur: neither changeable fashion trends, nor intrigues “green”, nor economic crises could force to refuse “soft gold”.
Scientists and researchers in the field of psychology and physiology differently explain influence of fur on unconscious the person. So, the main motives at the choice of fur clothes, according to psychologists, are manifestation of the identity, self-expression, convenience and comfort. Physiologists and anthropologists find the reason in aspiration of the woman to cause interest in the man and to show the sexuality. “Appearance is human, – according to S. Savelyev are a sexual assessment. Why the woman puts on so shaggy fur coat? Because it is instinctively perceived by women as own wool. And big rich own wool with the shreds which are sticking out extensively says that the female perfectly gets food and it will have healthy and strong children. Among primacies, and the man perceives the woman in the sexual relation just by the ancient principles, shaggy, good the female was always more attractive by wool”. Therefore, Savelyev claims, for involvement of the man the woman only needs to dress a fur coat and to let hair down which, by the way, have a direct bearing most on natural “human wool”.

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