Despite the fact that alcohol affects the physical and mental health of a person, people in different parts of our planet like to skip a glass or two. And in each country there is a favorite alcoholic drink. We want to share with you the strangest and least known facts about alcohol.

Alcohol destroys absolutely all organs of the human body.

Alcohol existed in the Stone Age. This is confirmed by archaeological excavations that revealed the Neolithic jugs. Scientists assume that people use fermented beverages from 10 thousand years BC.

Back in the times of Kievan Rus, it was believed that drinking alcohol at your own wedding was a bad sign.

Alcohol is found in fruits. Most vegetables and almost all fruits contain some alcohol. Alcohol contains apples, bananas, grapes and so on.

Addiction to alcohol is really transmitted genetically – this fact is proved by science.

Alcohol exists in space. Astronomers said that there is a lot of alcohol in the interstellar space of our galaxy. The discovery was made by an international team of scientists using a 30-meter telescope located in the Sierra Nevada mountains on the Iberian Peninsula.

Children first drink only out of curiosity.

0.7% of the world’s population is always drunk. Every moment on our planet is drunk by more than 50 million people.

The Indians were defeated by alcohol.

Today in more than 40 countries around the world there is a “dry” law.

The most expensive vodka in the world. The most expensive bottle of vodka today is worth 3.75 million US dollars. This vodka called “Billionare vodka”, which is filtered through birch charcoal, brilliant sand and ice. This vodka is sold in bottles of crystal, covered with rhodium and platinum. It is encrusted with real diamonds.

Death statistics. In the USA every year, 5,000 people die because of alcohol poisoning. This statistic takes into account only people aged 21 and over.

Lethal dose of alcohol for a person – 8 grams per 1 kg of weight.

In the US, there are some subcultures in which people worship alcoholic beverages.

A well-rounded person is more resistant to alcohol than a fat one. The fact is that muscle tissue absorbs alcohol better than fatty. Muscle tissue very effectively absorbs alcohol, preventing it from reaching the brain.

Yeast can turn any organic product into alcohol.

Every year in Russia one million people die from alcohol.

Always drunk patient. Japanese doctors have observed “auto-brewing syndrome” in some patients, which has developed due to the high level of candida yeast in the intestine. As a result of the increased level of these bacteria, a certain amount of alcohol is produced, sufficient for intoxication.

The most beer country – the Czech Republic. Here they drink the largest number of liters of beer in the world. Each year, each resident of this country consumes about 150 liters of foamy drink.

“Tarantula Brandy” – The most unusual cocktail in the world. In Cambodia, the Tarantula Brandy cocktail, an unusual blend of rice liquor made from recently deceased tarantulas, is very popular.

The strongest beer in the world – “Brewmeister Snake Venom.” Scottish Brewery Brewmeister has produced Snake Venom (Snake Poison), which is considered the strongest in the world. Its strength is 67.5%. This is much more than in any vodka and whiskey.

Beer at recess. In many European schools in school canteens, students are given beer. In Belgium, brewed table beer with an alcohol content of up to 1.5%, intended for washing dishes during lunch or dinner.

Ban on drinking fish. In the US state of Ohio, there is a ban on such a fascinating type of leisure as drinking alcohol and drinking fish and other inhabitants of lakes and rivers. By the way, this is not the only strange law in this state.

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