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History of China
The history of China recorded in written sources contains about 3600 years and Shang who was based in 16 century BC originates from a dynasty.
Data on a dynasty Shang remained in inscriptions on guards from armors of turtles and bones of the animals intending for predictions. Thousands of such relics were found in the earth since 1899. It is revealed also several bronze vessels with inscriptions made in the period of a dynasty Shang. However not Shang, but Xia who allegedly governed from 21 to 16 century BC was the first dynasty, according to a traditional Chinese historiography. Neither archaeological, nor documentary evidences about it are available, nevertheless most of historians considers that this dynasty really existed. The assumption it is based on two arguments. First, ancient Chinese compositions, stating various points of view on these or those events which were taking place as was considered, in the period of board of a dynasty of Xia, existence of such dynasty thereby admitted the fact. Secondly, rather high level of economic and cultural development at a dynasty Shang as well as the maturity of its political and social institutes, demonstrates that it was preceded at least by one more dynasty.
Regular chronicle of events was not conducted up to 841 g BC. Only since this time the ruling house of the Western Zhou began to master and keep annual records of events. This practice was followed also by the states – vassals chzhousko-go the yard.
The first full history of Ancient China “Historical notes” (“Shitszi”) was made in 104-91 BC by Sima Qian, “father” of the Chinese historiography. They became the first of 24 official dinastiyny stories which come to the end with “History of a dynasty of Min” (1368 – 1644). Official history of the last dynasty, Tsinsky, or Manchurian (1644 – 1911), after its overthrow at the beginning of 20 century was not made. The work “Vsepronitsayushchy, or Comprehensive, Zertsat, to Management Helping” (“Zizhi tuntszyan”) made by Sima Guang in the period of board of a dynasty Northern Sung in which historical events were considered as edifications to governors appeared in 1084. It was followed at least by 9 other encyclopedic works written in a similar form. These historical works were supplemented with numerous compilations, comments and books on special questions. The quantity of sources on stories of China can be compared to the bottomless ocean

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