Why are poor people hard to get rich? This question interests many, and the answer is very obvious. If you live in a one-room apartment with your parents and numerous relatives, you have bread, milk and potatoes, and that suits you – do not expect to become rich. You yourself determine the level that satisfies you, and therefore life gives you what you deserve.

Causes of poverty, 20 photos

1. Stupidity. It is not strange, but many are “led” to all sorts of fables by stupid storytellers who consider themselves to be almost the most intelligent on Earth, but at the same time, they are, for some reason, poor.

People listen to them, follow their advice and as a result, of course, remain just as poor. Do not be stupid and do not go in the wake of such know-alls.

2. Laziness. This is one of the main enemies of poor people, which does not allow to become richer.

Why? Yes, because never lazy will not be a millionaire. To achieve any goal you need to work.

3. Misconception. “I am poor because I am an artist, and artists are always poor.” Such assertions are nothing more than a delusion.

Do not reassure yourself with such explanations. Set a goal and go to it, do not forget to look again at the second cause of poverty listed in our list.

4. False allegations. This is, perhaps, almost the same as the “delusion” from our list. “I am a writer and therefore poor” cannot be said that, because there are many successful writers.

Maybe you just had to study hard (it’s never too late) or stop convincing yourself and start working for real.

5. Stereotypes. “I am poor because I am a scientist, and where have you seen rich scientists?” Seen, and not one.

And if something does not work, it does not mean that everyone has it … Dare, fall, rise, do not stop and then you will achieve everything.

6. Form of thinking. “I am honest, therefore I am poor” – if you think this way, then you can remain poor forever. It’s time to throw this nonsense aside. If you do nothing and stand still, then you will not get rich.

There are many rich people who earned their capital through honest labor.

7. Mental attitudes. If from the very childhood a child says: “Happiness is not in money”, “Money is not the main thing” or “You are lazy, you are stupid, you only have to be a janitor”, which is often said by parents in a rush of any emotions and happen.

Poverty is the lot of a man educated in this spirit.

8. Low financial education. Remember, lying on the couch with a can of beer, you can not become smarter.

But your knowledge, including in financial matters, could significantly affect the well-being. Isn’t it better to “kill” time while reading a book?

9. The result of your choice. Well, if you agree to live as you live, then you should not make excuses that you are poor because of anything, just not because of yourself.

That is your choice if everything suits you …

10. Work for the salary. It is very important to work not for the sake of salary, but to do what you love. After all, only the work that you like, you will do perfectly.

It will not only bring you satisfaction, but also help you become richer.

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