blondes in stockings 1

blondes in stockings 2

blondes in stockings 3

Girls blondes, most likely, are the most fixed object of supervision at a man’s half of the population. Even the following fact was established: if before the man to put several photos of beautiful girls, he first of all will pay the attention to the photo of the blonde. In this photo magnificent blondes in stockings. By the way, according to the estimates of scientists, by 2202 in the world there will be no left real (that is, natural) blondes. Only for the last half-centuries the number of the blond population was reduced from 49% to 14% of total number of Earth!
The truth it or not – we do not know. But the fact that photos of beautiful girls of blondes enjoy wide popularity on the Internet it is the fact. And it is not important, natural it is the blonde, or colored: a combination of a blond hair and blue eyes make girls blondes similar to angels

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