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Beautiful redhead girl.
Let’s consider physiognomic studying of character of red girls. Women with red hair very emotional, excited natures, have strong, a man’s warehouse, character, very proud and independent. Among their friends there are more men, than women, spineless people are not perceived. It is impossible to argue with them, they are always right, listen to nobody. They ignore all who do not hold their opinion. Sociable, love pleasant society, the cheerful companies. Well sing and dance. If play sports, then are capable to achieve good results.
“December” – leaders in any collective, are not afraid of any work, everywhere have to be the first and unsurpassed. If get the family, then to them it is better to live from the first days of a marriage separately from parents and the, and the spouse. With the mother-in-law it is difficult for them to find a common language, and remarks of mother can also turn family life into intolerable. Such women trudnougodimy, pig-headed, uncompromising. However it is raised sexual, make great success at men. Partners for sex are chosen to themselves. Are inclined to risk, it is frequent – unjustified.
Character of red girls. “November” women of the stay-at-home, neatnik, accurate. Are strongly susceptible to unpleasant smells, fastidious. Very independent for anybody do not hope, do not wait for something unusual. Are able to provide themselves and a family and if first marriage unsuccessful, then do not marry any more. Can have the loyal friend, live in a civil marriage. Daughters who are similar to them are born at such women more often.
The “spring” women with red hair and who were especially born in March try to marry early, however marriage most often happens at them rather successful. Boys are born more often. These women good hostesses, beautiful mothers. Clean, good kulinarka. Have attractive appearance, are well put.
Character of red girls. Given rise in August – very mobile, vigorous. Have a practical warehouse, are prudent. Very good-natured. Love beautiful and expensive jewelry. Favourite color – blue. Put on originally, but in good style. Try to be pleasant to men, to be the focus of attention. Long do not marry, too pereborchiva

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