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Beautiful pictures girls.
Of course, has to be beautiful. Nobody cancelled simple truth that “Beauty will save the world” But beauty has to be natural. The ideal girl is gentle and beautiful. Any “fighting color” which actually does not attract, and frightens. The make-up quite often represents absolutely new person, it is so possible and to mislead the elect. Still in the ancient time in Russia men chose not as gift to themBeautiful pictures girls.
selves narrowed about a bath, exactly here it was possible to see the real face!
For the man it is important to predominate, look physically stronger than the ladylove. Therefore if the girl will be below the elect, at least on slightly, she has every chance to approach his ideal. Here also you will reflect – to dress high heels or not.
As for a hair color it is not a problem today at all: descended in shop and bought paint – that what your man wanted. You want the blonde – please, the brunette – too easily!

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