Beautiful photos of girl with horse 1

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Beautiful photos of girl with horse.
Horses are able to float,
But it is not good, not far
“Gloria” in Russian means “Slava”
It to you will be remembered easily
There was a ship the name proud,
Trying to overcome the ocean.
In hold, kind swinging muzzles,
Thousand horses stood day and night.
Thousand horses, horseshoes four thousand
Everything they did not bring happiness –
The mine to the ship punched the bottom
Far far from the earth.
People got into boats, into boats mudflows,
Horses floated just like that,
What was to do to them if
There was no place in boats and rafts to them.
The red island floated on the ocean,
In apples the island and bay floated…
At first it seemed to them that it is simple to float
The ocean seemed to them the river.
But it is not visible at the river of that of edge
On a limit of horsepowers
Suddenly horses began to neigh, objecting,
That who in the ocean heated them.
Horses went to a bottom and quietly neighed
And so far on a bottom all did not leave
That’s all, nevertheless I feel sorry for them
Red, not seen the earth

I do not believe in death horse.
Let not everything, but survived they.
From a seabed to top there were sharks,
But were enough weak only one.
Blood on the ocean spread
But the leader stubborn floated forward.
Also it seemed at it as though
From hoofs there were sparks to thickness of waters.
The red island slowly, but thawed
The island that bay decreased.
But it was already necessary to float a little
Horses, horses you hear! Surf!
Here bottom hoofs already touched
And water rushed back from them.
There were to the coast exhausted horses
They won against the death.
Somewhere people are and there are cars,
Somewhere the cities stand rustling.
Only here on the island everything is silent
Neither people, nor noise, nor fire.
Only wind howls here drearily
Moreover suddenly footfall will sound
That herd of horses along the ocean
With mad playfulness flies.
Mane wind long will comb
The ocean will wash them water
Also they live, are happy with destiny
In the middle of the plain blue.
The island that – a grain of sand in the ocean.
Only horses it is free there live
And from now on island this wild
Call the horse island

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