Beautiful photos of girl on motorcycles 1

Beautiful photos of girl on motorcycles 2

Beautiful photos of girl on motorcycles 3

Beautiful photos of girl on motorcycles.
He, she and is the motorcycle
… It rushed on the route, playing with destiny,
He argued with all, and even with himself;
He did not know fear, today of veins,
Abrupt manufacturing bends.

… She quietly lived life,
And nothing, waited for nobody;
Was silent, silent and modest,
Also left infrequently the house.

Also there was in their life everything, as always …
It seemed, to meet them never.
But somehow the ringing springtime
From flight he came back home again …

It suddenly left an entrance towards –
And this evening became unforgettable –
Views met, hearts were stirred up,
As if from a long dream suddenly regained consciousness!

In the lovely girl in a jacket and jeans
Just he could not but fall in love in any way!
She could not but notice it,
Before such she did not meet!

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