The treasures of antiquity are irreplaceable, they can not be destroyed. Knowing this, people persist in doing it. Sometimes it happens because of anger, sometimes because of stupidity. Some particularly “smart” generally remove it on camera and spreading the records of the destruction of ancient treasures around the world. But most often it still happens because of simple human stupidity.

Ancient treasures, which were destroyed by stupidity, 24 photos

Kurt Russell and the ancient guitar. During the filming of one take of the film “The Abominable Eight,” Kurt Russell had to beat an old guitar. For this, a musical instrument was taken in a museum, and a duplicate was created for the scene.

Kurt no one warned that in his hands a relic. As a result, Russell defeated a 19th century museum piece.

Keith Richards and the Moon Orchid. In 2010, the guitarist of the Rolling Stones group Keith Richards signed autographs as part of the release of his new book. Before that, he had to wait a long time for a library worker.

The guy decided to smoke, and as an ashtray he chose a pot of extremely rare orchids. The flower wilted a few days later.

Unexplored dinosaur bones. In 2012, during a paleontological excavation in Canada, dinosaur remains of a rare species were found. At the time of the discovery, the sun went down, and archaeologists decided to return after them in the morning.

When they came to pick up the bones in the museum, it was discovered that the vandals had broken all the remains.

Tutankhamen’s tomb since the opening of a pretty hit. A lot of things were stolen, and the body was generally disfigured. In 1968, archaeologists, in horror, realized that the mummy has no genitals.

Later, Tutankhamun damaged a funerary mask, a unique historical artifact.

Painting by Paolo Porpora worth 1.5 million dollars. In 2015, an exhibition of Renaissance art was held in Taipei.

One of the exhibited works of an obscure artist was damaged by a 12-year-old boy, who accidentally stumbled, and, in order to restore balance, he clutched at a picture. In the old picture immediately formed a huge hole.

Pablo Picasso’s painting “The Dream”, which belonged to one of the richest people in the world, Steve Wynn, was damaged by negligence. Showing a picture to his friends, Wynne strongly gesticulated and inadvertently pierced her with his elbow.

Recovery work cost the collector 90 thousand dollars.

Fresco by Elias Garcia Martinez “Ecce Homo” became famous all over the world through the fault of the old restorer. The mural was kept in the church and began to crumble over time. One of the parishioners decided to restore the mural.

The process of restoration, to put it mildly, was not very successful, and the face of Jesus looked like a monkey’s face.

George Harrison Tree It was planted in honor of the famous Beatles guitarist, who was very fond of gardening.

Unfortunately, the pine soon died due to the fact that it was eaten by bark beetles.

Napoleon chair, This unique historical relic in 2014 was spoiled by a museum employee.

He just sat on it. The old chair, of course, could not stand it and broke into pieces. By the way, the exhibit was later restored.

Ancient Chinese Vases. In 2006, in England, in preparation for the historical exhibition, where Chinese vases of the Qing dynasty of the 17th century were to be exhibited, the museum staff did not think and put them on the windowsill at the base of the stairs.

One of the visitors passing by, entangled in the untied laces and fell right on the artifact. The vases were smashed.

Bottle worth $ 78 thousand The head of the Royal Guild of British Bartenders has created the most expensive cocktail in the world. He collected old cognac, liqueurs with centuries-old exposure, a tonic of 1900 and waited for the order.

When the customer arrived, Salvatore Calabrese took up the preparation. But there was a misfortune: taking a bottle of brandy in 1788, she fell out of his hands. The cost of brandy was 78 thousand dollars.

Ancient Indian Rock Art in Lake Mead National Park, that in the US, was spoiled by vandal. It turned out that one 20-year-old boy just decided to shoot from a paintball gun.

As a result, he was sentenced to a year in prison, paid a huge fine and completed 50 hours of correctional labor.

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