American actress, beautiful blonde Reese Uespoon, video

Reese Wiesespin Year of birth: 1976 American actress Laura Jean Reese Wiseppoon was born in a simple family and wanted to become a doctor. But at the age of 7 she appeared in the advertising of a flower shop – she liked it, and Reese began taking acting lessons, participated in talent competitions and won one in 11 years. She was fond of English literature and even enrolled at Stanford University, but left him for the career of an actress. Her first role was work in the film “The Man from the Moon” in 1991, it was shot a lot, but the roles were insignificant. She began to learn after the movie “Cruel Game”. After the release of the film, he and partner Ryan Phillip got married. The real “star” film of the actress was “Blonde in the Law”, where she played the main character and a real blonde, for which Reese received the Golden Globe Award. After the picture, she became a popular actress, received many proposals to appear and even became a producer. But with glory came problems in the family and the actress filed for divorce. Despite the failure in his personal life, this fragile, tiny blonde continues to work hard and appears in different roles, brings up two children and leads an active lifestyle and starts a new romance.

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