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Aerography on the car. Video extravagant drawings on the machines.

Drawings on the hood or body are any – reproductions of famous paintings, photos of movie actors, pop stars or family members, gradients and decorative patterns. The picture on the car is more qualitative, the higher the resolution of the digital image.
Digital method
Digital airbrushing on the hood or body is performed by a special robot – it calculates the curvature of the surfaces, creates a three-dimensional model, in which, in a virtual mode, it performs all the necessary “fitting”. In the digital mode, the task is analyzed, the selection of colors and all the preliminary operations. After the preparatory stage, the car is placed in the spray chamber, where the robot applies an image to the surface of the machine. It can be permanent, designed for several years – then the plot with the picture on top is covered with varnish, or temporary – its service life from six months to a year. In the second case, the machine should be washed so as not to damage the image
Interesting and interesting viewing video of drawings on cars. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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