A selection of wedding jokes. A funny video.

Wedding toasts and congratulations
The wisdom of centuries speaks of the fact that parents take care of their daughter before the crown. And the husband should protect his wife to the end. I want to raise this glass for our newlyweds. Let them take care of each other all their lives. And let their children for themselves take an example of this care and tenderness!
Wedding toasts and congratulations
Young! I want to raise a glass for your future happiness, a long life and a strong family. I wish you to go hand in hand all your life and cope with all the troubles that will be on your way. And let never you even think that you would not doubt each other!
Wedding toasts and congratulations
A young family should be like a branch of a blossoming tree: to please the eye, to smell sweet and to hint at the rapid appearance of fruits. I wish you, my dear ones, exactly this. And yet, I drink to ensure that no pests interfere with your idyll. For the young, bitter!
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