In the US, many strange laws that can cause confusion, even among the indigenous people. We have compiled for you the 30 most ridiculous laws of America.

30 of the most ridiculous and strange laws of America

1. In Alabama, you can not wear a waffle cone with ice cream in the back pocket of your pants.

2. In Ohio, it is forbidden to undress in front of male portraits.

3. In Pennsylvania, the law prohibits tying a dollar bill with a string and pulling it when trying to grab the bill.

4. In the state of Alaska, it is forbidden to go by car if 3 people are sitting in its front seat.

5. In Nevada, the law prohibits placing the national flag of a country on a bar of soap.

6. In Utah it is forbidden to walk down the street with a violin in a paper bag.

7. In Oklahoma, you have no right to make love with a car.

8. In Connecticut, in order for cucumbers to be marinated, they must bounce off the surface when they fall.

9. In California, the law prohibits cycling in the pool.

10. In New Jersey, it is forbidden by law to eat soup in public places.

11. In Maine, you have no right to tickle women on the chin with a broom for cleaning dust.

12. In Texas, the law prohibits children from wearing unusual haircuts.

13. If in Maryland you drive a nail into a tree, you will be fined $ 50.

14. In Virginia, you get a penalty if you spit on a seagull.

15. In the state of Hawaii, you cannot carry coins in your ears.

16. In Kansas, it is forbidden by law to serve wine in tea cups.

17. In Kentucky, you have no right to lick toads.

18. In Kentucky, lawn coloration is red.

19. In Wisconsin, it is forbidden to serve apple pie if there is no slice of cheese on it.

20. In Arkansas, you need a special license to kill or hold a living creature.

21. In Delaware, do not use perfume as liquor.

22. Washington State law prohibits drawing peas on the national flag of the country.

23. In Colorado, you have no right to allow the appearance of weeds in your yard.

24. Missouri law prohibits spoilage of milk packages.

25. Nebraska law prohibits parents from curling their children’s hair if they do not have a license to do so.

26. In Oregon, it is forbidden to play sports while driving.

27. In Florida, the law prohibits being in public places if you use liquid latex instead of clothing.

28. In the state of Louisiana, you cannot gargle in public places.

29. Law of the State of Delaware. prohibits wearing pants that fit the waist.

30. In Massachusetts, skirt photography is considered a crime.

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