In our world there are so many beautiful places that they are difficult to count. Many of them are depicted in the drawings of artists, but when you see it in the pictures of professional photographers, there is no limit to delight.

23 photos that impress with their beauty

1. Kayak ride among killer whales, Alaska.

2. The shadow of this iceberg divided the world into 4 neat squares.

3. Red, majestic and very large Norwegian cat.

4. Photograph of winter Kamchatka from a bird’s eye view.

5. Lake “Rose”, which is also known as “Retba”, it locals extract salt, Senegal.

6. Lightning during a volcanic eruption in Japan.

7. Ordinary farmer in Vietnam.

8. The desert in Namibia, and above it the starry sky.

9. This is what a sunset looks like on Pensacola Beach, USA.

10. Olympic National Park, USA.

11. Fur seal among huge algae, USA.

12. Red Lake Natron, which is located in Tanzania.

13. Park Daigo Ji, also known as the “Temple of Flowers”, Japan.

14. A trip to the dog carriage around Greenland.

15. The most beautiful blue pond, Hokkaido, which is located in Japan.

16. This shadow, 24 km long, falls from Mount Fuji, Japan.

17. Here is such a strange landscape, in Yunnan Province, China.

18. The majestic and immense birch grove, Russia.

19. One of the buildings of the village Kazbegi, which is located in Georgia.

20. A view of the rapeseed fields from a height that are located in Liyingping province, China.

21. The meeting place of the North and Baltic Seas.

22. Toyama Bay and its sparkling squids, Japan.

23. The meeting place of the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean.

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