We do not often pay attention to how time passes. But if you look around, then you will understand how it ruthlessly and mercilessly treats everything in our world.

22 pictures that prove that time does not spare anything

1. This is what graffiti looks like, which is over 30 years old.

2. Aspirin, which lay in the bank for 45 years.

3. This pillowcase lay in the closet for 40 years.

4. Metal mounts, which are 10 years old.

5. That’s what will happen to a banana if it is stored in a jacket for 10 years.

6. When salt water dries, it leaves behind such salt crystals.

7. One pair was worn for 8 years, and the second is completely new.

8. Candies that have lain in the apparatus for more than a decade.

9. This key was first pulled from the keyhole since 1982.

10. One toy has been used for almost 30 years, and the second is completely new.

11. These are the prints of the heads of sleeping students in this audience.

12. These jeans have gone through several phones.

13. This is how a tile looks like under a gate that has been opening and closing for many years.

14. This deodorant has not been opened for 3 years.

15. Pumpkin, which my family cut out more than 3 years ago.

16. The floor in this store has been wiped off at the checkout with the feet of shoppers.

17. One cross was standing on the car for more than 10 years, and the second is completely new.

18. Bags of cement that have lain in rain and snow for about 10 years. They became like stones.

19. Over the years, this metal chain has been able to erase the rock.

20. Every next bottle of this whiskey is a year older than the previous one.

21. A car that was abandoned here about 40 years ago.

22. This key man wore on the neck for more than 7 years, and that’s what happened to him.

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