None of us wants to make mistakes, but we do it at ease. As soon as a flower-bouquet period ends in a relationship, a woman can torture her lover and intimidate him. Let’s see what mistakes make women who turn the fabulous life into a family tragicomedy.

21 unforgivable mistake of a woman in communicating with a man

All by herself. You can write books about this error. If a woman becomes too independent, strong and self-confident, then the man becomes a rag lying on the sofa. Sometimes you need to take the help of a man, so as not to suffer afterwards.

Meticulousness and tediousness – Excellent quality when it comes to work. But in your personal life, you just lose it, because no one likes boring.

She came up with – she was offended. Men can not be offended forever, because they still do not understand everything that we tell them. After such offenses, a man can tolerate for a long time, but just then he will not stand it and will slam the door loudly.

Sometimes you need to give up. Especially if your dispute over trifles. Consider: Do you really need a victory in a dispute at any cost?

Clown girl. Your boyfriend can sometimes be bored, like any other person. It is not necessary to constantly entertain him.

He must guess himself. Often the woman herself does not understand what she wants from her man. Understand forever: men understand the talk on the case. If you want – say, do not want – sit quietly and be silent.

Get calls and SMS. Some of the fair sex spoiled the reputation of all women with their stupidity. Because of women who call 100 times and need to chat, many of the men do not want to marry at all.

Wicked teacher. Constantly teaching people and correcting their words and deeds is very unwise. Sometimes it is worth telling how to act, but if it is done every second, you will get everyone.

Sensual and indecisive woman often turns out to be hysterical. Such depressive ladies do not cause any other feelings in men, except for regret.

Private property. Some women love their chosen ones so much that they protect them literally from the whole world. Excessive custody deprives a man of the opportunity to take any decision on his own. From such women, men flee while they are not at home.

All that does not like – change! Some of the girls think, “Yeah, it suits me. He brings money, good, well dressed. His hobby is football, we will live out. However, like this beard – it is simply terrible. ” After the guy becomes uninteresting and stops loving at all. It is necessary to see in a man first of all a person, and not private property.

Tough commander she doesn’t just say what to do, she also gives too clear instructions. Such too strong women are not popular with men.

The role of mom. Sometimes a woman communicates with her chosen one as a child, and this is unforgivable. At one point, the man will begin to experience irritation, since excessive custody will make him nervous.

The role of Cinderella. When a man gives a compliment, some women refute these words. They also often show others dissatisfaction with themselves. And this, unfortunately, almost 100% leads to a loss of passion in the relationship.

Slave. Do not allow a man to communicate with you tactlessly and without respect. If this happens once, it is better to “hack at the root”, otherwise this behavior will become a habit.

Child’s role some girls also sometimes use, allowing themselves to be too naive. Such behavior affects the relationship with a man is not the best way.

Before and after the wedding. There are legends about women who, with their marriage, changed their sexy lingerie for their grandmother’s nightie. Hairy legs, forever knotted tail, nasty masks on the face. And do not think that he should love you all. Men love beauty – they must be impressed, and not scared away by nasty masks on their faces.

The role of the victim you should not use yourself, because in this way you will start loving yourself less, which will surely destroy your union.

Mandatory marriage. Some are waiting for proposals of the hand and heart already on the first date. They came up with it somewhere around 15 years old, and they thought up the wedding to the smallest detail. Most likely, she has already chosen the names of your children. But men think differently, and do not need any type of talk “and what we are moving” on the second date.

Hard sarcasm can ruin your young man’s pride. Some girls think that you can play a little trick on your chosen one in order to look more original. No need to pin up men, they do not like it, otherwise they will have to live not with a man, but with their sarcasm.

Lots of text. Women are such that if they write a letter, then 30 pages, if they say something, then half an hour. A man a short time after the start of the conversation loses his thread, because the amount of attention he has, like a hummingbird. Speak all briefly and in fact, do not “carry out the brain” and everything will be all right.

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