Like all ordinary people, celebrities are also full of weirdness. Some of them are doing very strange things, someone is collecting something that we would not even have thought of. So, today we will talk about all strange things about famous personalities.

20 most unexpected oddities of famous people

Jessica Alba to death is afraid of birds. She even had to turn to a psychotherapist when she played the role of an ornithologist in the film “Good luck, Chuck!

Leonardo DiCaprio can lose a few thousand for an evening of poker. The actor does not recognize that he needs to be treated for addiction.

Famous actress Sarah Jessica Parker at free from the shooting minute knits. For days on end. Sometimes even on the set.

Famous director David Lynch attracts all the dead. He has a collection of butterflies and flies of various kinds. They say that as a student he often went to the university morgue to look at the dead people.

Nicole Kidman – famous extremka. She admits that in her life there is little extreme sports. Therefore, she fills her passion with the help of skydiving.

Tom Hanks collects typewriters. And it was his hobby that reached the serious level, when the number of typewriters exceeded two hundred. The famous actor is ready to lay out a tidy sum for an old exhibit.

Elton John loves glasses very much. In his collection there are very, very strange exhibits.

Penelope Cruz. This famous Spanish actress simply amazed everyone, admitting that she collects linen hangers. What for?!

Angelina Jolie collects knives and everything connected with them. Moreover, she involved her eldest son, who was presented with a very unusual copy.

Rod Steward. He likes the railway and everything connected with it. On the top floor of the Rod House there is a separate room with a miniature Chicago railroad, including terminals, stations, and so on.

Orlando Bloom very afraid of pigs. And so much so that does not even eat pork.

Johnny Depp seriously afraid of ghosts.

David Beckham gnaws nails when nervous. Once he was caught doing this right during a football match.

Justin Timberlake told in secret that he likes to pick one’s nose.

Britney Spears hates to get out She scatters things and garbage all over the house, and she hasn’t washed the dishes for several years.

Scarlett Johanson smokes so much and often that once neighbors complained about it.

Nicole Richie Once, she was so eager to lose weight that she almost died. Doctors even feared whether she could have children after this experience.

Singer marilyn manson during the tour requires only rubber bears Haribo delivered to the room.

Singer Adele at his concerts, he sincerely asks her fans to contribute money to the fund for charity.

Singer rihanna before touring she needs to clean the carpets everywhere, as she likes to walk barefoot.

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