If you are planning a wedding, and want to make the pictures original and memorable, it is not enough to find a good photographer. Our review presents the best places for beautiful wedding photos.

20 best locations for wedding photo shoots

Fiji Island.

Wedding photo session in the Dolphinarium.

Wedding in the desert. Dubai, UAE.

Italian village.

Wedding in the air. Brussels, Belgium.

Wedding in the ice cave. Strange but unusual.

At the top of the Himalayas.

New Zealand.

Wedding in Bali – the dream of any couple.

Snayfellsnes, Iceland.

Photo session at the zoo.

In zorb.

Australia, Byron Bay region.

Lakes of Canada.

Australia, Mission Beach

Stuttgart, Germany.

Wedding in the penguin.

In aquapark.

Lago Maggiore, Italy.

Wedding photo session in the stable.

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