People already know a lot about space. Nevertheless, there remains a lot of unsolved, mysterious, and that man can not understand. Astrophysicist Neil de Grass Tyson is trying to make the Universe more understandable for humans, so he revealed some of its secrets. We suggest reading the 20 most interesting quotes by Neil De Grasse Tyson, which will blow your mind.

20 astronomical facts that will melt your brain

The sun is bigger than we can imagine. It’s hard to say how much. But scientists say that a million copies of the globe would fit in it.

Hot ice exists. In 33 light years away there is an exoplanet called Gliese 436 b. It consists of various water elements that form hot ice. In other words, the ice on the planet remains solid due to pressure, while the extreme surface temperature of 300 ° C heats the water, causing it to evaporate.

There is a bar in the clouds. This may seem strange, but outside of our atmosphere there is a cloud consisting of alcohol. Bartender’s dream as it is.

Aromas of space. After a walk in space, astronauts said their costumes smelled like grilled steaks. This is due to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are byproducts of dying stars. They also stand out from the burning of coal, wood, gasoline, therefore they are associated with grilled steak.

Space junk – this is a real problem, and even something small, like a paper clip, can damage the satellite system. This can mean not only the absence of the Internet. Among the more serious troubles worth noting problems with the national security system. Currently, they have not found a way to clear the space, but scientists are focused on solving this issue.

Uranus rotates, lying on its side.

The star you are looking at may already be dead, since the light from it reaches the Earth for a very long time.

Cosmic weight loss. Do you know that on other planets you can lose weight? For example, if on Earth you weigh about 70 kg, then on Mercury you will be twice as lightweight? It’s all about the gravitational field of the planet.

Some meteorites, which were found on Earth, flew in from Mars.

Poor Pluto. This planet was retrained in the “dwarf” a few years ago. Few people know why this happened. The fact is that it is half the size of the United States.

Long way. The solar system rotates very slowly around the Milky Way. The last time she was at the same point, dinosaurs still roamed the Earth.

Earth is slowing down. In the days of dinosaurs, the day was only 23 hours. This is due to the slower rotation of the Earth in each century by about two milliseconds. In 1820, the rotation of the Earth was 24 hours, notes NASA. Since then, it has slowed down by 2.5 milliseconds.

Optical illusion. Moon and Sonece from Earth look very similar. But do not forget that the Sun is not only much bigger than the Moon, but also much further than it.

Why do we sometimes see the moon in the afternoon? Depending on the position of the moon above the horizon and how it coincides with the position of the sun, we can see it during the day.

Maps of the solar system lie. To fit on the map all the components of the solar system, its developers leveled the distances between the planets. Otherwise such a map would not fit on one wall.

The polestar will leave us soon. It will happen in 12 thousand years. It will be replaced by another star – Verda. The fact is that the axis of our planet north gradually turns to other stars that will become “polar”.

If you need to get away from the city noise, fly away into space. There a person does not hear anything. To hear, he will need an eardrum the size of our planet.

Black hole may actually suck in a star and then “burp” it.

Rust on Mars. Although there is no water on the Red Planet, there is rust there. All due to the fact that millions of years ago there was water, and caused the iron to rust.

Tears in space will look like blisters around the eyes.

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